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  1. Dungeon mechanic/puzzle ideas?

    Have you seen/come up with any interesting dungeons? Mazes and multi party lever puzzles start to feel a little basic after a while so I'm wondering what to put in the more fancy ones.
  2. FREE Looking for artist(s) for "Through the Veil of Sorrow"

    I'm working on the first of a series of RPGs, this one is a relatively short story centered game. It is also rather dark and explores sensitive themes (nothing rated M, though some blood is to be expected), so be aware it you're interested. to be more specific while avoiding spoilers... Lloyd...
  3. RMMV Help Modding Ellye's ATB Plugin?

    The Ellye's ATB plugin has a CTB mode that can display the turn order on the top of the screen, like this... (please ignore any janky placeholder graphics) And I was wondering if this feature could be turned into a shared ATB bar approximation by tying the X coordinates of the faces on the...
  4. Opinions on Buffing and Debuffing Mechanics?

    I was thinking about how to handle status effects and I wondered how others handle it. Currently I use 2 different kinds of positive status effects, Buffs and Augments. Buffs are stackable stat increases while Augments are more distinct effects like Bravery or Protect. They are different for...
  5. Social/Roleplay stats in TTRPGs, yay or nay?

    While pondering on game design (AKA procrastinating) I started thinking about how TTRPGs handlle stats. And now I wonder, are social/roleplay stats (like charisma, charm, appearance etc) even a good mechanic to have or should social interactions just be handled entirely by roleplaying and...
  6. Combat Mechanic Ideas?

    What combat mechanics have you used/come up with/liked in RPGs? I can't get enough despite already having way too many for one game. Some of my favorites are CTB from FFX and 1-Mores from Persona, so I implemented both in my game. After weeks of messing around in notepad++. I also like each...
  7. Passive skill ideas?

    It never hurts to have more skills you can use to flesh out a character, so what kind of passives have you come up with or heard of? The last ones I implemented were... -Initiative: the character's ability costs are all reduced to 1/3 during the first turn. -Headstart: the character starts...
  8. RMMV Yanfly's X_Critical_Control notetags not working?

    the notetags that are applied on actors, enemies, states etc don't seem to do anything in my project. for example these ones: <Critical Multiplier: +x%> <Flat Critical: +x> they're supposed to alter the damage on a crit but don't seem to do anything. is that a known issue of this plugin or...
  9. Making an enemy untargettable?

    Is it possible to make an enemy (or actor) not targettable? like a reverse taunt or stealth? I do have Yanfly's plugins if that makes it easier.
  10. RMMV Level Reduction System plugin?

    Some games (like Dissidia FF and neo: TWEWY for example) have a system that lets you temporarily reduce your own level for bonuses and extra challenge, is there a plugin that does that?
  11. RMMV 5 characters in the menu party window?

    The main menu party window does fit unlimited characters but it only displays 4 at a time, how do you change that? I'm working with a 5 frontline/3 reserve party setup and it's just not right. I am using YEP's plugins and I found a section in YEP_CoreEngine that seems related but it only...
  12. Limited Ability Slots vs All Known Abilities?

    being trying to decide all day, is it better to have limited slots to juggle (like smt/persona or pokemon) or to let each character access everything they have like most RPGs? for context I'm making a dungeon crawler with lots of characters to collect.
  13. RMMV shuffling an array?

    is it possible to mix around the order of an array's elements? for example, if I have: stack = [1,2,3,4,5] how would you randomize the order of the elements in the array?
  14. turn a game variable into an array?

    can you turn a default variable (as in $gameVariables) into an array? like how would you write "X = [1,2,3]" with X being a game variable in a script box (assuming it's actually doable)?
  15. RMMV modding YEP's Base Param Control for ailment boost?

    I'm trying to do an equivalent of persona's ailment boost abilities and I thought I could use the lukeffectrate part of this plugin like this: Game_Action.prototype.lukEffectRate = function(target,stateId) { var item = this.item(); var skill = this.item(); var a = this.subject()...
  16. RMMV Turn Timer for Ellye's ATB's CTB mode?

    Is there a way to add a turn timer to Ellye's ATB's CTB mode (which I'm using because it's compatible with an insane amount of other plugins)? as in you have 30 seconds to input a command or the actor in question will just wait. I've tried with DoubleX's action input timer but it doesn't work...
  17. RMMV randomized Yanfly's attach augment?

    Is it possible to give the player an equip that comes with an attachment? if it's possible can you randomize it? I imagine you can use the functions the plugin uses to make new equips when the player uses an attachment from the menu but this seems to be beyond my ability.
  18. How do I get the target's element rate?

    for example: if ("the target's fire rate" >= X) { what should "the target's fire rate" be? I tried this... if (target.elementRate(fire's ID) >= X) { and it didn't seem to work.
  19. plug in for Mix skill? (like in FFX/X-2)

    basically you select the skill and your items pop up. you select 2 items (or maybe more?) and the skill's effect depends on wich items you used. is there a plug-in like that around?
  20. turn input time limit?

    is there a plugin that puts a time limit on your turns? like you have 30 seconds to choose actions or you automatically do nothing.

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