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  1. Party Rows and Support Character?

    Perfect! Thanks to both of you, I can finally go on with my Lovecraftian RPG project.
  2. Party Rows and Support Character?

    Hey all, I just got back into the RPGmaker scene, and there's so much stuff, and honestly I'm a little lost. Is there a script that allows me to have two party rows? And additionally, I was thinking of having the back row be controlled by AI, so they're like support characters, and not full...
  3. Heart Based Health (Battle)

    Hello Everyone! I'm new to this site, but spent the last few days looking at the resources you guys provide, plugins especially. I'm working on a retro-looking (think 80s pc games) RPG with a Modern-Lovecraftian theme. I'm doing all the graphic assets by myself (that battle backdrop...

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