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  1. mkrudesign

    Weapon attributes that only affect the “attack” option.

    I want to create a weapon that specifically modifies the standard “attack” skill (skill 1 in my database). When I add attributes (in this case, high critical hit chance and low accuracy) it affects all skills the character has while equipped, including skills that are certain hits. As you can...
  2. mkrudesign

    Ideas for Stone of Agony style radar system?

    In The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, there was an item called the Stone of Agony that would blink on screen when near a secret. If I wanted to create an item that would react similarly when a player approaches a designated item, how would I go about creating a similar effect? It doesn't need...
  3. mkrudesign

    Deploying and playing a project on iOS/Iphone/iPad etc

    RPG Maker MV has the option to deploy to Android/iOS. I know that it's possible to play RPG maker games on android devices, since my game has released on that platform. However, as an iphone user, I'd like to try out my game on my own phone. Does anyone know how to actually do it? I haven't...
  4. mkrudesign

    RMMV Is there a way to play weather effects over pictures?

    I want to be able to play the rain weather effect over this image in a cutscene I'm scripting. As it stands, the effect just plays behind the image and it looks pretty weird. Is there any way to do that?
  5. mkrudesign

    Is it possible to stop part of a movement route from replaying?

    I am creating an event, that chases a player through multiple rooms. To give the player some breathing room, when the player enters a new room, I set the event by the door the player entered. It starts as transparent, waits 90 frames, then turns off transparency and move towards player as usual...
  6. mkrudesign

    Is there any way to change an character's sprite while they are affected by a state?

    In my example, a player character can be affected by the "vampirism" state in battle, which acts similarly to poison in most rpgs, basically draining health while walking. What I want to know is if there is a way to swap out the character sprite to a different image while under this "vampirism"...
  7. mkrudesign

    How do you add a main menu option from a separate plugin? (YEP)

    I'm very new with Yanfly's Main Menu Manager and adding options is rather confusing for me. In the examples I have here, I have my game's original menu on left and on the right the same game but with the menu manager. I added in the Contracts option just fine following a tutorial on the dev's...
  8. mkrudesign

    Is there any way to rename menu options?

    I recently installed Yanfly's SaveCore plugin, which allows a player to load a different file from the main menu instead of having to return to the title screen. Since selecting Save now allows you to Load as well, I want to change it to say "Save/Load". Is that possible to do? Are there any...
  9. mkrudesign

    Questions regarding Yanfly's Visual HP Gauge plugin and creating a "Scan/Libra" skill

    My first question: I followed the Tips and Tricks tutorial on the dev's site to create a skill which reveals the enemy's stats, weaknesses and an HP Bar for them. However, copying the default code provided by the dev to display these stats is formatted in a way which causes the text to go past...
  10. mkrudesign

    Command to run "Game Start" at any time to update plugins?

    Many plugins I add to my game do not work properly unless the save I am testing on starts from the beginning, before the plugin was added. Is there any way to force the game to essentially refresh so that I dont have to replay up until the point I want to test in my game?
  11. mkrudesign

    Is there a custom script that changes what pictures certain events can call on?

    In my RPG, I use character portraits as pictures during cutscenes. in these events, I use "show picture" to display the character(s) on screen. What I want to know is, if there is a custom script or a plugin or something that would change what pictures those premade events call on. As an...
  12. mkrudesign

    How do you change the size of the event image box?

    MV seems to detect most event images fine, depending on the size, such as in this example. However, when I added in a dlc tileset, the white square doesnt surround the proper tiles like in this second example: What I want to do is make it so that MV can instead select the tiles I surrounded in...
  13. mkrudesign

    How do I get an event to change based on a percentage chance?

    What I am trying to do is have a certain enemy spawn in the overworld. The enemy is a rare variety of a common enemy and I have sprites made for each one. What I want to do is to have the game roll a low percentage to change that common enemy sprite into the rare variety, so that the player...

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