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  1. gstv87

    Redefining default object with a plugin conflict

    I need to partially redefine Spriteset_Map from the default script to insert a custom call to a different function, while at the same time NOT interfering with a plugin that also redefines it. here's how it is structured: -Spriteset_Map -Battle Plugin -my plugin Battle Plugin has it's own...
  2. gstv87

    "Your watched threads" link missing?

    I can't seem to find the link to the list of threads I'm tied to. the search function doesn't work either, but that's my browser acting up. if the watched threads list was removed in favor of the search function, then I'll try again with another browser. EDIT: found it! in the personal...
  3. gstv87

    Looking for lite database manager

    sorry if there exists a similar question, but the search engine has decided to stop working for me. I'm looking for a freeware database manager similar to MS Access. Something that allows me to create forms with a title and description, and link them together with unique references. basically...
  4. gstv87

    explanation regarding tilesets

    can somebody clear this out for me, please? I've come to a point where I need to work with autotiles, and I need to know *how* they're supposed to work first, but I can't make sense of this. top row: Tile 1-1, on it's own. Tile 1-2, on top of Tile 1-1, no border, nicely tiled. No problem...
  5. gstv87

    broken image links

    I can't see any links except attachments and a handful of 3rd party websites. avatars are still up, and editing threads to fix the links does show the image itself, until I submit the change, then it breaks again. I'm using chrome, although not the latest version, but I can see the images on...
  6. gstv87

    A weird question regarding isometric design

    take a look at these pics and comment, to your eyes, which one makes the most sense or is most aesthetically pleasing. there's a curious mathematical conundrum behind them I want to discuss, but I want an unbiased opinion from somebody totally oblivious to it. for reference, the character...
  7. gstv87

    bug: media playback on status update window

    playing a linked video from a status update post, doesn't stop when the popup window is dismissed.
  8. gstv87

    personal status alert broken.

    three pages of status updates, and still going. it was fine before the last update! I just left ONE innocent comment! ;_; now I'm spammed with all sorts of side conversations!
  9. gstv87

    Probabilities, RNGs and other statistics shenanigans.

    Planning on revising my combat system, I anticipate I'll have to fix the way skills and states land and fail. There's a whole character stats table that isn't worth delving into ATM, but it all boils down to strength-vs-resistance. How much is "too much" when it comes to landing or resisting a...
  10. gstv87

    Isometric sprites and artwork standards

    I'm hitting a bit of a literal wall here when it comes to making... well.... walls. The problem is not the wall itself, but the way the sprites would contrast against it and the floor. I'll put the context within spoiler tags to not make this a wall of TLDR. Here's the dilemma. This is a...
  11. gstv87

    custom tilesets and properties

    I've been taking some measurements on the default tile sets to make my own one, and upon reading the documentation, something doesn't add up. here's the tileset with modifications. the red areas are masked out, as in the original, and I added some more masking on the "counter" tiles. the...
  12. gstv87

    $game_map structure and layout

    This is more a tech question rather than a help request. I've been working with the RGD engine and it has come up that *it* using larger resolutions to 640x480 modifies the viewports used in the map scene. That led me to study the map object structure and how it draws it's tile map.... is it...
  13. gstv87

    Thread locked/deleted/missing?

    I've been trying to access this thread which comes as a requirement for this plugin I've contacted the authors and neither of them...
  14. gstv87

    Window Object Replacement

    Window Object Replacement 1.0 An attempt at rebuilding the embedded object Window so that it would be available for direct modification. This can help artists create new window skins without having to stick to the resource standards. Screenshots License: Free. VXAce only. Contact me regarding...
  15. gstv87

    random window skins

    Resource Type: skins Maker Format: Ace (primarily, but not relevant) Art Style: Artist's choice / irrelevant. Description: I'm testing a new Window plugin, which would enable the use of non-standard skins. I need completely random skins to beta test it. There's no need to respect the...
  16. gstv87

    Window, Window_Base and windowskin calls

    I'm on the process of reworking the interface for my game, and I already anticipate I'll most likely need a new windowskin altogether. as it is right now, it has a few modifications like gradients and recolors, but I mean to design an entirely new one... the problem is, I can't find anything...
  17. gstv87

    Cache, resources and memory-related questions.

    I'm working on a pre-loader feature. as it stands right now, it's working, and I'm updating it so that it is further automated. the question is, what happens when I clean a resource from the Cache after using it? my concern is the memory load... I want to reduce it as much as possible, to...
  18. gstv87

    global object broken (ish?)

    take this as given: class Game_Map attr_reader :map_id def setup(id) @map_id = id ... $map = self end end def map_id return id end def id @map_id end this, works. MODULE::HASH[integer] = val this, doesn't. MODULE::HASH[$map.map_id] = val values are correct all around. "p...
  19. gstv87

    hardware problems

    DISCLAIMER: Tech-heavy chatter ahead. I'm not into hardware support forums (despite me being a certified technician), but I ran into a problem lately, that I couldn't make heads or tails of, so I thought I'd post here in case anyone has seen anything similar. -First off, I'm writing from the...
  20. gstv87

    Marshall and custom files

    I've been designing a preloader feature to handle large sprites, so they won't slow down the game when going into battle. That's been up for a while, working as intended. Now, as it is, it preloads the entire game into memory, so it sucks up the memory dry. I want it to preload just the files of...

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