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  1. drack_669

    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    Hi! someone know the script call for visustella Events and Movement Core?, specifically Spawn Event Plugin Commands, I want to make some random use for spawn with script call.
  2. drack_669

    [CGMZ] Crafting

    I love it, it easy to use, practical, it have everything that more than one needs for their RPG Game. It works perfect with Visustella Plugins. You can have multiples scenes, one for Alchemy, other for Smith, other for Cooking, having or not the profession plugin of Casper, only on profession...
  3. drack_669

    Item Crafting

    Damn! i love you, i gonna try it!!! Thank you so much.
  4. drack_669

    Item Crafting

    Great! I love It so much. A idea just if you can do It.... Could you make the system separate ?? I mean, plugin for a npc that just make weapons, other that just make armor, other that just make ítems, It would be nice if we can make npcs that have the skill to make some specific ítems, like...
  5. drack_669

    Galv's Layer Graphics (fogs, parallaxes, mapping)

    Well, I want to give my thanks to Galv, this plugin is awesome, really awesome.   @MikeMakes when I put this plugin in my project I make a mistake like those, I put a image in layer 3 with z at 5, and other layer 4 with Z at 1, but i forget to put the blend of layer 4 at multipply, the layer 4...

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