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  1. Cuprite

    RMMV Make player party always go first in battle w/o Agility stat?

    I'm currently making a small prototype for a game idea I had and I want to make the party always go first (Technically. I plan on implementing a sort of initiative system, but that is irrelevant right now). The easy answer would be to just manipulate the Agility stat, but I'm using that stat for...
  2. Cuprite

    RMMV Reordering Yanfly's In-Battle Status plugin and adding stats to it?

    Long story short, I've changed Agility into an entirely different stat functionally (Honestly, should have changed Luck, but that's beside the point) and I want it to display under my Attack stat (Strength in this case). I don't see any way of doing that though, and I'm not good enough with code...
  3. Cuprite

    Battle Log Display Weakness/Resistance?

    Is there any way to get the battle log to show that a target was weak to a skill? Simple example: You use Fire on an ice monster, and the battle log says something along the lines of "Hit [Monster name]'s weak point!". Inverse would be something like "[Monster name] resisted the hit!". The...
  4. Cuprite

    Transfer an actor's skills to another actor?

    I plan on having a sort of evolution system in my game, and the way I have it planned it that it'll remove the original actor and replace it with a new actor that is the evolved form. The reason I can't just have the second actor have all the skills the original would have once it reaches the...
  5. Cuprite

    RMMV Attempting mutually exclusive equipment types (Yanfly's Equip Requirements)

    Trying to make certain equipment types mutually exclusive. In this specific instance, I want a specific "Shield" equipment in the "Off-Hand" slot to be unequipable if the actor is equipped with a weapon with the "Bow" equipment type. I've tried using Yanfly's Equip Requirements, but I can't...
  6. Cuprite

    RMMV Enemy HP% shown in name (Not HP Bar)

    I checked the master plugin list for MV and the closest I could find was a plugin whose older version could display the exact HP amount in the name, but not the percentage (Doesn't seem to have any parameters so I can't exactly customize that one unless I go into the code itself and I'm not...
  7. Cuprite

    RMMV SRD Battle Popups: YEP Element Core Reflect

    I know there's another thread talking about reflects/counters with SRD's popup plugin, but I wanna know if I can have it happen with element reflection specifically. I've tried multiple things, but none of them have allowed for the popup to show. Current example (A few more attempts listed below...
  8. Cuprite

    RMMV Can you stop MV from squishing assets?

    Context: I'm using some custom pixelated art (Ignore player OW sprite for now), but MV seems to be squashing the assets. Once I noticed it, it really started bothering me. I want to stop this from happening, but idk if I can or not (I really hope I can). Also, in case it's relevant, my...
  9. Cuprite

    RMMV Can I have element drain show in bestiary plugin(s) by any means?

    Currently using Mr. Trivel's old Monster Book plugin and am having a hard time figuring out how to get it to work with the element draining feature from Yanfly's Element Core (I know I can't ask them directly cause they've been gone for years). I've tried editing the script itself, but I'm not...
  10. Cuprite

    Increasing Window Padding in Battle (Specifically with SRD's GUI Core)?

    I'm wondering if it's possible to increase the window padding of certain menus in battle with SRD's GUI Core. I know you can't do it with the Super Tools Engine, even if it did work with the GUI Core, but there's also nothing in the plugin parameters to change it. The reason I wanna increase it...
  11. Cuprite

    Is there any way to have actors on the bottom of the battle screen rather than the side?

    I've seen a script for VX Ace (Tho it made them pop up like in Mother 3), but I can't figure out how to do something similar with MV. I just want to have them near the bottom of the screen facing upwards towards the enemy when in battle but idk if it's possible or not. Apologies if this has been...
  12. Cuprite

    SRD HUD Maker Bug?

    So, I was trying to use SRD's HUD Maker, but for some reason, an error popped up telling me my project had to be in v1.3.0 or higher, but my version of RMMV is 1.5.2. Can somebody please explain what's going on here? Also, when SRD's Game Upgrade is activated, I get this error. *Update: I've...
  13. Cuprite

    "Escape" Command Activating a Common Event?

    Is it possible to have the in-battle "Escape" command activate a common event instead of the default escape event (Without editing RMMV itself)? Because I've changed the "Escape" skill in the skills list to activate a common event, but it still does the default escape, so I assume it has nothing...
  14. Cuprite

    Yanfly Skill Learn System: Gradual JP Cost Increase

    Is there a way to make an actor's learnable skills cost more JP the more skills they learn? I got the idea from Octopath Traveller and it's something I'm thinking about adding to my game, as it adds a bit of freedom to the game. Is there a way to do this without editing the plugin itself? EDIT...
  15. Cuprite

    Cuprite's Resources

    ~Cuprite's Resources~ NOTE: If you use any of these, credit is appreciated, but not required. If you choose to do so, credit "Cuprite". Most of if not all of these resources are edits of MV resources, so you'll need to own RMMV to use them (Unless stated otherwise). Feel free to recolor these to...
  16. Cuprite

    Yanfly Victory Aftermath Window Size (MV)

    I looked in the plugin options for Yanfly's Victory Aftermath and Aftermath Level Up plugins, but there was no options to change the window sizes. I want to make them either half the screen size or 2/3 the screen size, but I'm afraid I may have to edit the plugin manually (And I know next to...
  17. Cuprite

    Enemy MP Opinions

    How do you feel about enemies having to rely on MP like the player? Would you rather have enemies that aren't restricted by MP, or enemies that have a limited amount of MP?
  18. Cuprite

    Battle doesn't end after killing enemies

    For whatever reason, the battle won't end after I kill all the enemies one by one, but it does when I use a skill that hits all enemies (Such as default Spark). I don't understand what's causing this. I changed this enemy's stats just before testing this fight (I also had just changed the...
  19. Cuprite

    JRPG Shop Preferences

    I'd like to know what you think of item shops in JRPGs. Are you more of a fan of the shops that open the shop menu when you go to the door (Like Octopath Traveller), the traditional shops where you physically walk into the shop and talk to the shopkeeper, or some other type of shop I may be...
  20. Cuprite

    Changing Map Title Screens

    Hey. So, I've seen plugins that allow maps to be used as a background for the title screen, but I'm having a hard time finding a way to have the map chosen change depending on the player's current location or a certain variable. I'm wondering if maybe I've glossed over one or if there's a way to...

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