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  1. Screech1989

    Can walk through everything?

    Hey guys so i have working on my game for quite some time now and i have got to know MV pretty well how i look at it :D I loaded up a new save today to begin my game from the start and see what its like from beginning to end to bug test etc and all of a sudden in my first main town i can now...
  2. Screech1989

    Looking for Larger sv_actor template :(

    Hey all so i decided i was not fussed on the chibi look of the characters so went for the larger version as you will see below. My Character So i m having issues as i know the image dimensions when making your character bigger requires the overall image to be larger so it detects the correct...
  3. Screech1989

    Door Sizes trouble :(

    Hey guys so i took the idea to make my sprites taller and more realistic instead of the chibi look, as you will see in the image below my characters are now taller, which i feel is a good thing, but i am having issues with setting up doors, they can still walk through them at the moment but my...
  4. Screech1989

    Harvest Moon?

    Now if there is one game i loved as a child was Harvest Moon, i dont mean the more modern and try to look cool graphics versions i mean the originals, back on the SNES, those games where amazing, pretty sure there is a way for MV to make a game not exactly the same due to copyright but...
  5. Screech1989

    First Ever Role Pllaying Tower Climbing Style Game :D

    RPG Castle Climb First of its kind The Idea Hi and thanks for coming to project page, i want to let you knopw how i come about making this game, or starting to make this game i should say, There are many games out there that we all hate so much but still feel the urge to pick it back up and...
  6. Screech1989

    changing the gold icon on your menu?

    yo guys quick and simple one, i might be looking and sounding dumb here but in Ace i was able to adjust my gold icon on the menu, at this current moment its that purple 3 gold bars icon? how do i change the icon? i thought it might have been a simple process but cant find how to change it anywhere?
  7. Screech1989

    Vlue's Complete Plugin Page

    These Plugins have been released, you can find the latest thread here   Vlue's Complete Plugin's   About Vlue also known as Vlue of Daimonious Tails is a great  scriptwriter and has been working on scripts for a while making various plugins for older RPG makers, and is now working on new Plugins...
  8. Screech1989

    Cant post a thread on Javascript Plugin forum?

     how do you post a thread in the Java Script Plugins section, 3 times i have typed out all information and images etc to post my thread and i get nothing? it will not post? i have put in all information asked and it will not show?
  9. Screech1989

    Vlue's Plugin's (Crafting,Quests,Inventory,Time,Steal)

    Vlue's (Daimonious Tails) Complete Plugin's Vlue also known as Daimonious Tails is a great scriptwriter and has been working on scripts for a while making various plugins for older RPG makers, and is now working on new Plugins for MV, Here is a complete list of all his work. I did not make...
  10. Screech1989

    Vlue of Daimonious Tails (Plugin Collection)

    Vlue of Daimonious Tails (Plugin Collection for MV)   About Vlue has been making scripts for a long time now and has some amazing work, I have been given permission to make this thread to show off his more recent work for MV on the official forums.   Advanced Game Time The Advanced Game Time...
  11. Screech1989

    Convert Ace script to MV

    Silly question now right... how hard is it roughly to convert a script that was used in VXAce to work with MV? is it something you have to redo the whole thing etc, im not gonna lye i have done small scripting in the past little slots to adjust things but never wrote a whole script, i have a...
  12. Screech1989

    Need help with animation not showing please

    Hey guys so i decided on making some new animations as well as updating the original ones to suit my game of course, now the issue i am having is i added 3 more frames and images to an attack, and for some apparent reason the frames i added do not show, not in the animation editor screen, when i...
  13. Screech1989

    Adjust speed in game

    Is there going to be a way to adjust the speed your character walks or runs around etc. now before you say in options there is a always dash selection, i mean when you use the arrow keys, you can walk or dash. But when you use the always dash, there is no walking speed for using...
  14. Screech1989

    Quest System?

    Would anyone happen to know if there somebody out there working on a form of quest system for RMMV? I used to use one previously by modern algebra (, and i loved it. was wondering if something will be built again like so? thanks.
  15. Screech1989

    Need help uploading images to forum

    hey guys may sound stupid here but whats the best method for uploading images into a post, i have started a tread on RPG maker MV and uploading sprite images but im currently using a rubbish image host page and the images take you to a page etc, yet i have seen some people upload images and soon...
  16. Screech1989

    Screech's Workshop (Damage Numbers,Balloons,IconSets,Tiles)

    Screech's Workshop I aim to keep this page up to date, I check it daily. For every sprite, image or edit i make to add to my game it will be added here, you are free to use any of it or share it just give credit.    
  17. Screech1989

    Problems exporting to Android

    Hey guys so i been re making my old game from scratch onto MV, and so far im loving it, the issue i have is when i get the game working on my phone the Frame rate is crazy, my characters run like "the flash" everywhere the whole game is super speed, i have been trying to slow this down and cant...
  18. Screech1989

    Using 2 scripts together, nearly there, having trouble.

    Hey all thanks for viewing, so straight into it.   I'm new here so have only just signed up to ask for support or any help i can get, i began starting a game and then realized i wanted more features, i browsed here and found a lot of scripts that where amazing, so i used these scripts and put...

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