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  1. The Warrior248

    Making Maps in MV

    Got a Major Problem, not really sure if anyone out there can assist me, though. I have the poorest creative mind ever. If I use sample maps I can do doors, stairs, battles, cutscenes, essentially everything. I'm even good at using the plugins. But no matter what I try, my maps are terrible. They...
  2. The Warrior248

    Jumpin Cross Water in MV

    Hey guys, I want to make a system that allows the player to hop across water. Now I almost got it, I am missing one piece. I have it so you can hop across, but if you turn back early or If you hop all the way across and then go back, you can't go back across again. It keeps pushing me back...
  3. The Warrior248

    MV scrolling Text-Help

    So I had an idea for having scrolling text roll as different stuff is happening on other maps. However as you know scrolling text has a default black screen. Is there a way to get rid of it?​
  4. The Warrior248

    MV Scrolling Text

    So I had an idea for having scrolling text roll as different stuff is happening on other maps. However as you know scrolling text has a default black screen. Is there a way to get rid of it?
  5. The Warrior248


    Hey guys, so I had the really cool idea for a boss. I want to make 3 skills for him Transition 1, 2, and 3. For ex. Trans 1 will move his body onto a different plain in which physical attacks have no effect. I want this move to last 4 rounds also I want to find a way to disable Trans 2, and 3...
  6. The Warrior248

    Rpg MV Skills, Weapons, Armor, Classes

    Does anyone have any skill tips or skills I could use among other things. It's difficult to make them and I want to focus more or less on the story of my game. Not so much on skills classes weapons or Armor. Or is there a way to port them from VX ACE. My story is going to be very long. Making...
  7. The Warrior248

    Looking for some Maps

    So I'm making a game based off the battle system of The Secret of Mana. I think I have some sort of a creative mind, but my maps in my head seem dull. I was wondering if anyone had some maps they'd let me use. Obviously you can't copy and paste it in so I would just copy the map extensively...
  8. The Warrior248

    How do I do events successfully?

    I have several questions about events. Please do not tell me to check my help files, because they are in japanese for some reason. Anyways, I was wondering how to have people, or enemies walk up to you when you trigger an event. This is part of a side quest, so I cannot have it on autorun, and...
  9. The Warrior248

    Connecting Events!

    So here is what i'm trying to do. I have an elder that sends the main character to a dungeon to get a Crystal. When he defeats the boss and claims the crystal I want the event to trigger a new page on the elder's event, so when the main character returns, to talk to the Elder. It will be a...
  10. The Warrior248


    First off I have an error that keeps showing up whenever I try to flee battle. Second whenever I finish the battle that is supposed to level me up, I get an error that says Script' Game_Actor' line 442: Argument Error Occured. too few arguments. I'm not sure what to do. All I did was...

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