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  1. Slimsy Platypus

    Syntax to check if a state is applied [Yanfly Skill Core]

    Ok I'm using Yanfly's Skill core and my goal is to have a skill requirement met when a skill is applied to the user. This is some default code for a conditional that is provided by Yanfly in the help menu. <Custom Requirement> if ($ > 1000) { value = true; } else { value =...
  2. Slimsy Platypus

    Damage / heal over time based on turns remaining

    Is there a way for a state to do damage based on how many turns it has remaining? For example, I'd like to have a damage/heal over time do 400 damage when the there are 4 turns left, 300 when there are 3 turns left, 200 when there are 2 turns left, etc. I'm currently using Yanfly's Buffs and...
  3. Slimsy Platypus

    Change enemy name to a string at start of battle?

    Hey guys. sorry in advance if this is a dumb question (I am in no way shape or form JavaScript competent), but I'm trying to change the name of an enemy battler to a unique name at the start of battle. For example, you might fight many bats, but I want each individual bat in a selected troop...
  4. Slimsy Platypus

    Design variety in healers?

    I'm working through some early design ideas on how I can make a couple different healing classes feel different from each other.  For starters I'm thinking: A standard healer.  Heals for a flat amount.  Run of the mill stuff here. A healer that provides healing over time effects on allies...
  5. Slimsy Platypus

    Parallax Mapping & Pathing: A Question

    I've encountered an issue with parallax mapping recently.  Sometimes tile pathing makes sense up and down, but not left to right (see stairs in the spoiler images below), and other times it makes sense left to right but not up and down (see chairs in spoiler image below). Is there a way to...
  6. Slimsy Platypus

    Face needed w/ Helmet & Visor/Goggles

    SF_People3 came with these really cool modern TV sprites.  I'd like to use them, but unfortunately I don't have a face set that even remotely can match that.  It doesn't even have to be a set, but a single general face graphic would be great.  I've searched the internet far and wide but have not...
  7. Slimsy Platypus

    Map Animations - Lag & Parallel Process Question

    So I want to show an animation in an "Outside" map that occurs every 10 seconds or so.  I've found that I can do that with a parallel process  with a WAIT command followed by SHOW ANIMATION. Here's my question: If I plop a bunch of these down in my map, is that going to contribute to a...
  8. Slimsy Platypus

    What do you think makes turn based combat fun?

    I'm working through the thought exercise on a combat centric game and challenging myself to make a good ol fun combat system. As a start here's my first thoughts on the constraints of the system: - turn based combat; steering away from ATB (I personally don't like the urgency feeling it...
  9. Slimsy Platypus

    Music editing question

    So I've found some great music tracks to use in my game but I've come to a little bit of a hurdle. Sometimes they just don't loop well, and other times I want the track to start in the middle.  So two questions: 1. Is there any way to specify a bgm to begin at some defined place in the...
  10. Slimsy Platypus

    What are the "unwritten rules" of going commercial?

    I'm new to RPG Maker and have set the ambitious goal to make a game for commercial release.  I'm trying to guage my bearings a bit and understand what the exact hurdles I need to jump are to even give me a shot at a minor success. Are edited default tileset resources a complete shot in the...
  11. Slimsy Platypus

    Greetings! from a 100% noob

    Hello fellow makers! I am a true gamer.  I love and play video games ALL the time.  I am a huge classic games fan, and spend a lot of time replaying classic games rather than modern AAA titles (Shining Force, Final Fantasy 6-9, Final Fantasy tactics, Breath of Fire II / III, Ogre Battle 64...
  12. Slimsy Platypus

    Hide AGI stat

    I'm working with a very simplified stat system where the agility stat never changes.  I'd like to hide it from the status and equip menu (don't want to mess with the values, just not display it).   Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
  13. Slimsy Platypus

    Make turn order use a different stat?

    Hey guys.  I'm very new to RPG Maker and having a blast working through my first game.   I want to simplify the stats a bit and make turn order depend on an actor's atk rather than agi (i.e. highest attack characters go first).  Is there an easy way to do this?

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