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  1. I can't open developer tools

    If I'm not mistaken the key f12 is responsible for developer tools do ya? But it doesn't work. My version is 1.6.1)))
  2. Maru's MV Bits

    I want to cry because it's very beutifull
  3. Text event does not work

    I watched this video but it is in Russian and note that it has version 1.2.0. It creates an event through which you can choose gender and name but it doesn't work. You're great but still wanted to note that I do not work action button when approaching an event but parallel triger work
  4. Text event does not work

    I'm new in RPG MAKER and the first problem I encountered was the lack of text when I calling the event. I try to reboot Rpg Maker but it didn't work)))I really need your help. I will be grateful

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I'm going to be adding in combat animations, revamping the UI and putting in a new cutscene this week, so this is your last chance to play the MC:RIS demo in its original form! Say you were there since the beginning!
I added reflections and shadows. Though one of the party seems to have no reflection, is floating, with glowing eyes. I'm sure it's fine.
Well. *That* was an entertaining fustercluck — and that’s not meant nearly as sarcastically as it sounds. I just had to make four different versions of the same conversation:
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