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  1. GHNeko

    Looking for help or tutorials in breaking down the formulas and methods behind TBPS

    Good afternoon/evening/morning. I'm trying to find information in regards to trying to understand the code behind TBPS. Game_Battler.prototype.tpbAcceleration = function() { const speed = this.tpbRelativeSpeed(); const referenceTime = $gameParty.tpbReferenceTime(); return speed /...
  2. GHNeko

    Displaying Current and Max HP/MP in battle and menu/status screen. (RPG Maker MZ)

    Afternoon ya'll. Just wondering how I can permanently show current/max hp and mp in places the values are normally shown. Either through directly modifying js or through VisuStella plugins. Either is fine. I've tried looking around for a bit and searches pull up nothing here.
  3. GHNeko

    Questions about walking on events

    Hello and good day to ya'll. So while designing a prototype, I learned that when walking over a series of events, the encounter rate wont actually count down. While there are some roundabout ways of simulating random encounters while walking over a bunch of events, I wanted to ask to see if...
  4. GHNeko

    Allowing specific states to remain active, even post KO.

    Hello! I'm currently trying to figure out an issue I'm having in regards to my own personal take on the tried-and-true; Auto-Life. What I'm trying to do is create a variation of Auto-Life that activates later, as opposed to instantly. I'm trying to do it this way for game design/balance/flavor...
  5. GHNeko

    Creating a state that tracks the hits an actor lands on enemies.

    I'm trying to figure out how to create a state, that while active, tracks each hit the actor does with non-magic attacks (certain hit and physical only), including each individual hit from attacking multiple enemies, and store that value in a variable (through $gameVariable if possible) for me...

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