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  1. JLowther

    Importing events into others by criteria

    There are a few plugins that I've found that can import events into other events (Yanfly's and QImport), but I've yet to find one that can import events based upon certain criteria. For example, I have an event that I want to import its settings from a list of template events. In the primary...
  2. JLowther

    Creating a new event IN game

    Is there any method (either by plugin or JS command) to simply create a new event while the game is actually running? I'm building a maze-based survival horror with randomly placed events and one of the things I'm having to do is create a plethora of events beforehand and then have them moved...
  3. JLowther

    Assigning region ID based upon terrain tag

    Wondering if anyone has heard of an easy method of making a certain terrain tag assign the tile a specified region ID as well. For example, I'd always like terrain tag 3 to assign region #24 to that tile. This can be done manually, or even automatically with the right scripting, but doing it...
  4. JLowther

    Out of the loop: collisions/off-grid plugins?

    Been away from MV for a while and want to know if anyone has any recommendations for plugins that offer: -a better collision system -off-grid movement -AI pathfinding -is still actively supported That used to be QPlus, but it's since been abandoned (it happens), so does anyone have any...
  5. JLowther

    Moving an event to the cursor (used to work)

    RMMV has had a lot of updates in the past year, and I'm trying to get back into it but some things have definitely shifted on me. For example, this command used to work for moving an event to the cursor (by pixel, not by grid)...
  6. JLowther

    JS call to close a choices window?

    Is there a JS call to immediately close a window of multiple choices? Thanks in advance!
  7. JLowther

    Terrax lighting: changing the radius of a numbered light source?

    Unfortunately, Terrax is too busy to answer questions about the plugin and there's no other option for lighting that I can find for MV anywhere so I've no choice but to ask here. As it stands, there's no plugin...
  8. JLowther

    (please delete)

    moving this, please delete
  9. JLowther

    Common Event flow question...

    I need to verify that my observations aren't leading me astray and that I am, in fact, seeing things for how they're actually happening. Someone please sanity check me on the following... If multiple map events attempt to run the same common event simultaneously, the lowest numbered event will...
  10. JLowther

    Changing either the terrain tag or region ID in game?

    I can't actually even find a plugin that will do this, though I hear it's possible via plugin. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!
  11. JLowther

    Quick means to remove all shadows from a map in the editor?

    I'd like to remove all shadows from randomly generated maps, but it takes a while to go through and remove all of them. Is there a shortcut to not having walls cast shadows? Thanks in advance!
  12. JLowther

    Generating a random dungeon...IN game?

    With the map maker, you can opt to generate a random dungeon with certain specs. This may sound crazy, but is there any way to have the game generate a random dungeon while the game is running?
  13. JLowther

    JS to return the player location on the map?

    I have this command for example: $gameVariables.setValue(101,SceneManager._scene._spriteset._characterSprites[0].x); ...That I can use to find the screen coordinates of a specific event on the map. Problem is, when it comes to locating the player on the map, the player is always assigned the...
  14. JLowther

    Temporarily preventing events from colliding with the player on map?

    I did some searching but couldn't find anything on this... Is there a way of temporarily disabling collisions on the player while on the map (with a JS call if need be)? I don't mean allowing the player to walk through tiles they normally cannot, but rather if there's another event coming...
  15. JLowther

    Manually refreshing the scene manager/events?

    I'm using script calls to change the sprite of an event on the fly, but there's a strange issue where the sprite change will be delayed by about a quarter of a second or so. Is there a way to manually force a refresh of the events/scene manager so I can update on the same frame I change the image?
  16. JLowther

    JS call for specific button press?

    I'm trying to use a conditional for a button press but am unsure how to direct the conditional to a specific key. If I use this in the script field for conditionals, for example: Input.isTriggered('pageup') It works fine on pressing the "Q" key since that's pageup. But is there any way to...
  17. JLowther

    RMMV Fred James and the Curious Squid (interactive children's book)

    I've been working on this for quite a while and sadly fell away from working on it due to issues with crippling fatigue/brain fog (which have actually only grown worse over time), but I've decided to try to push forward anyway because feeling useless is driving me insane. Synopsis: As a...
  18. JLowther

    Moving events by pixel instead of by grid?

    I have a number of situations where it would be INSANELY handy to be able to move events around by pixel instead of by grid, and when I say "move", what I really mean is "teleport" as I don't necessarily want them traveling from one location to the next. I've tried the janky way of doing this...
  19. JLowther

    Moving an event to the cursor?

    Does anyone know how I might go about moving an event to a location on the map when the player clicks there? I know how to return the location of the click just fine. It's determining how I can get the event to move to a specific location using the grid system that's giving me problems. Or is...
  20. JLowther

    Returning the X,Y Coordinates of an event on the map? (Get Location help)

    I'm trying to find the coordinates of an event on the map (and ideally assign them to variables as X,Y as well). But I'm very confused as to how to do this using the "Get Location" command. Alternatively, is there a JS call that can assign the X,Y coords to variables? I found this...

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