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  1. romoku

    Death by having full MP

    ohh dang sorry will look around better next time :)  Yeah but everything i found was for the whole party. And with a bit more diverse cast where some dont use magic its kind of hard to make it happen. Well another dead idea then... EDIT I found a thread which even includes specific actors...
  2. romoku

    Death by having full MP

    Greetings! I recently came across a problem in my project. I was searching for a script which made it possible for specific actors to die if they reach 100% mana. However i could not find anything. I never touched the world of scripts myself so i would like to have a little help. What i need is...
  3. romoku

    VXAce Kaduki style battlers searching

    Hello! I am in a bit of a crisis here.. For my current non-commercial game i am in need of some kaduki battlers. I need the battlers for the 5-1 and 5-5 i know they have to exist as i read in some other forums. but i can not find it anywhere. (lack of googling skills :D :P ) But for the...
  4. romoku

    Time Fantasy, School Tiles and more!

    everytime packs like these gets released i am a bit sad xd.. But then again i can try with the giveaways!! all packs are fantastic! for the giveaway: I think the best part is messing around with the maps... I really like when i finish it and the result is fascinating.
  5. romoku

    Pop! Horror City, Sci-Fi Battlers (and more)

    well its not something that really needs to be worked on but i sound effects and background sounds would be nice even though i can most of it free :D But if these are a no-no then i would go with some neat battlebacks :D
  6. romoku

    Vx ace RTP Emosets

    Oh my god!! Thank you very much!! Didn't think you would show up in this thread :D I am very grateful! :)
  7. romoku

    Vx ace RTP Emosets

    thanks for the reply sadly i already looked through it and even if someone made it the website the creator uploaded it to died... I looked through the entire page 2 or 3 times now and maybe i am blind or these things like dont really exist :D but i wont give that thing has to be somewhere! :D
  8. romoku

    Vx ace RTP Emosets

    Hello everyone! I was searching far and wide everyday for rtp actors emosets i have found most of what i needed but i sitll need 2 or 3 and i didnt see them anywhere... What i am looking for is actor 5-1's emoset and 5-3's emoset. I have one for 5-5 so i know there must be one somewhere.. If...
  9. romoku

    Pirates, Steampunk, Madness and Magic!

    I fell in love with that ship tile <3 And those voices seem very nice. I first learned that it is really hard to work alone. And that balancing is a true mess :D
  10. romoku

    Spotlight Sale!

    The battle theme of course :D I really need one... And i would use it right here :D :
  11. romoku

    Harmonic Fantasy, Tyler Warren Battlers and more!

    Sweet baby jesus that Music pack is fantastic!! I admire my own brother the most because he is always there for me and he is constantly helping me through various ways. He inspired me for studying and stuff so i am happy to have him as my brother!
  12. romoku

    Melody Mapping Contest

    @boldpaste2  Thank you for playing it :) Those words made me feel very good especially as someone who only recently started doing things seriously :) ) I really appreciate it :) @Ms Littlefish  I appreciate the review :) I gave it my all, so i am happy to see that you find it good :)...
  13. romoku

    Melody Mapping Contest

    Oooky dooky here is my Final Entry ! I used Abandoned World from Inspirational Vol. 1. Well i made the fog but my friend told me how to. It is called Ruins and it describes the situation in the first message box :D .
  14. romoku

    Melody Mapping Contest

    Alrighty thank you very much for your patience and for the help :P
  15. romoku

    Melody Mapping Contest

    Thanks for asking i am still dumb as a rock xd what is the maximal map size that i can use? :D Cause i cant seem to understand that rule xd
  16. romoku

    Melody Mapping Contest

    Well, i am a bit clueless about how the map sizes are done xd But uhm.. is 44x40 allowed? i can narrow it down no probs... but i just dont understand that if i can enlarge the height and wildth 3x or not
  17. romoku

    ASM Environments, Winter Wonderland and more!

    That inspired modern city so good i might even buy that :P
  18. romoku

    Super Awesome Face Contest

    Finished mine finally! I got through it so there shouldnt be any bugs or only minors but who knows :P :D The wedding RTP not included EDIT: Ohh wow somehow i switched up the links sorry about that xd Now the link is good :D
  19. romoku

    3 New products released, one product updated

    I would like Nobuo Uematsu cause that guy is one hell of a genius!!Edit: And i am in love with almost every single one of his pieces :3 Dayum that tales of the far east sounds beautiful... And that forest of the necromancer is just perfect i am in need of some BGS for my projects ^^... Envy the...

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