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  1. cirdian

    Holders Animated Battlers

    Loved the weapons design.
  2. cirdian

    Holders Animated Battlers

    The fighter is amazing! Was hoping she might get some kicks in the animation, but she looked amazing anyway.
  3. cirdian

    Dynamic Traits and Effects

    Weird... Maybe is my browser, it's not loading pastebin. Thanks for the reply.
  4. cirdian

    Dynamic Traits and Effects

    Hello, I believe the downlaod link is broken...
  5. cirdian

    Shades of Battler, Animated (401), DragonBones (194)

    I love this sci-fi looking battlers.
  6. cirdian

    Characters, Tilesets & Animated Stuff v5.5

    Thanks for the resources, the tiles and the robots are all amazing!
  7. cirdian

    UFC Tower Defense

    This is really interesting. I think with that I can finally make my a chain chronicle based battle system.
  8. cirdian

    Retiranatis MV tileset edits

    Thanks for sharing. I love the MV RTP and this edits are amazing.
  9. cirdian

    Characters, Tilesets & Animated Stuff v5.5

    This looks amazing, thanks for share.
  10. cirdian

    NPC Dialogue Shop

    Thanks for the quick response. And for lying about my English not being terrible. I think I got a "creative" solution. In the common event of the conversation with the shopkeeper I will put an option where there is a normal conversation with the shopkeeper himself or the possibility to open the...
  11. cirdian

    NPC Dialogue Shop

    Hi mjshi, thanks for the plugin. Its amazing. Just a doubt... I use the YEP_ShopMenuCore mainly for the function of equipping in the event of the store itself. But when using your plugin, with any of the layouts or in personal customization, this option to equip disappears. Is there anything I...
  12. cirdian

    Shades of Battler, Animated (401), DragonBones (194)

    The tricksters looks amazing! I can't decide wich one I liked the most.
  13. cirdian

    MechaSuit SV Battler

    Thanks for sharing. It's always nice have some mecha enemys.
  14. cirdian

    LTN Games | Free & Premium Plugins | In Dev: Illuminate (Lighting System)

    I just love the chapter select plugin it fits like a glove in a game I'm working on. Thank you very much.
  15. cirdian

    JK Mail System

    Hey, love the plugin it's really fun. But the link in the op is redirecting for the 2.21 version of the plugin, not the 2.3 wich I suppose it should be directing. Thanks for the word, @Pirobi
  16. cirdian

    [RPG MV]Absorption Barrier by Yanfly

    Hello, have you tried using this notetag? <Barrier Points x Turns: -y> You can set that after 10 turns the barrier will lose 100 points, effectively breaking down.
  17. cirdian

    Help with a mimic skill

    Hello everyone. I'm working on a game where one of my characters has a skill that allows her to copy the last skill used. I know Yanfly has a tips & tricks that teaches you how to do this (either by Mirror move or blue magic), but in both cases it didn't work for me because it only affects the...

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