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  1. pirateheart

    Using real school names and logos

    Is it OK to mention that a character attends a real life school and/or display its logo in a game without permission if the game is not for sale? e.g., can my character walk around wearing an Ohio State University shirt?
  2. pirateheart

    Featuring real firearms in your game

    Is there a problem with featuring the likeness and real names of firearms in a non-commercial game? What about using the physical likeness but using a made up or generic name like "a .45 semi-auto pistol" for a 1911?
  3. pirateheart

    How to create a horror RPG?

    @bgillisp I'm actually playing System Shock 2 at the moment and trying to mine it for some ideas. I tried playing System Shock 1 but the interface was just too much hassle for me. I'm looking forward to the remake though. Also that game Prey, which is coming out in a few days, is supposed to be...
  4. pirateheart

    How to create a horror RPG?

    How do you make an RPG scary? I've always been intrigued with making a scary RPG but I'm having trouble coming up with game mechanics in my head. There are countless horror games made with RPG Maker but the ones I've come across tend to play like adventure games or visual novels (e.g., Mad...
  5. pirateheart

    Quasi ABS

    Where can I find a documentation with the pictures still intact? :p
  6. pirateheart

    HP or TP replenished when equipping a weapon.

    Would someone please make a plugin that makes it so that certain weapons automatically refill the MP or TP gauge when equipped? Thanks. Edit: I meant to type "MP" in the title, not HP.
  7. pirateheart

    Request for a space marine sprite for MV.

    I'd like to request a walking sprite sheet for a futuristic space marine-type character in the style of MV default sprites. The armour should be relatively light or medium weight, as opposed to being heavy or bulky (e.g., please no Warhammer 40K or Gears of War-type armours). The sprite should...
  8. pirateheart

    Sensor SelfSwitch

    Workin' now. Thanks. :P
  9. pirateheart

    Sensor SelfSwitch

    I can't download it. It says "publisher could not be verified." >_< How do I fix this?
  10. pirateheart

    Variety Of Guns For Your Heroes To Use In Battle

    Thanks! Think you could make handguns too? As well as generic, made-up guns? :P
  11. pirateheart

    Plot and Character Feedback

    The way I was thinking it worked was that it was gathering strength while it was inside Gemma. It needs souls to consume in order to keep it tied into the human dimension and grow powerful. At first, it was weak so it was trying to kill people indirectly at first. However, once it realized that...
  12. pirateheart

    Plot and Character Feedback

    This is a revised version of a story I posted a while ago. It was on hold for a while but now that RPG Maker MV is coming out, I've decided to start working on it again. Hellbound The Dione Platform is a massive spacefaring research station. It is owned by Epsilon Technology Corporation. The...
  13. pirateheart

    Plot and Character Feedback

    I'm looking to create a survival horror RPG set in a spaceship. Right now, I'm mostly trying to think how the layout of a ship like this would look like, as well as what kind of things and places would be needed to run it (e.g., hydroponics, recreation, medical, etc.). Any feedback is welcome...
  14. pirateheart

    Need help with a character concept.

    So I'm trying to think up of a Carrie-type character. I've make up a bunch of psionic-based skills that do things like break bones, crush enemies with objects, telekinetically throw knives and sharp objects at enemies and other violent crap like that. :P Obviously, for gameplay reasons I...
  15. pirateheart

    Plot and Character Feedback

    Thanks for the responses. Yeah, I wasn't exactly sure how Nius an Bathala gain their powers but I've been thinking up of reasons. I'll consider these suggestions. Now, I'm stuck on how are the PCs going to regain lost mana. Their powers come directly from deities so I'm not sure how I'm going to...
  16. pirateheart

    Plot and Character Feedback

    I'm still in the middle of writing the backstory but here's what I've got so far. Gatehaven Gothic The game chronicles the adventures of a group of clerical warriors on their quest to defeat a demonic invasion in the kingdom of Gatehaven (the central governing body of the good guys'...
  17. pirateheart

    Help Me Choose a Story

    I chose the survival one simply because I like occult and horror themes. :P
  18. pirateheart

    Khas Light effects+ HUD

    Set the Surface_Z on the lighting script to a lower number, probably around 50.
  19. pirateheart

    Can I make projectiles not go through walls in Pearl ABS Liquid?

    Yes, I've tried setting it to a whole range of numbers. Falcao's gun acts the same way as mine. :/
  20. pirateheart

    Can I make projectiles not go through walls in Pearl ABS Liquid?

    Thanks. But now it's doing this thing where most of the time the bullet just stops harmlessly next to the target and rarely does the hit register. I've tried changing the speeds of the enemies but I can't get it to work right. :/

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