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  1. Askann

    Face Emo Sets

    I don't ask for credits and some artist do ask, yah, nevermind.
  2. Askann

    What the MZ RTP is missing!

    Can I borrow some of your edits and reorganize to match the others that I done before?
  3. Askann

    Askann's MZ Random Stuff

    Added Actor1_7.
  4. Askann

    What the MZ RTP is missing!

    Well, my thread is basically only my update comments. But your work here is really appreciated, I do use this thread a lot.
  5. Askann

    Askann's MZ Random Stuff

    Added Actor1_5 and fixed the saturation of Actor1_6 Just a reminder: the original expression is missing on this customs facesets because you are supposed to still use the original expression from their respective original facesets.
  6. Askann

    RMMZ Apenas outra Aventura! (Just another adventure!)

    Information Developed by: Askann Creation Date: 08/09/2020 Genre: Adventure/Fantasy Engine: RPG Maker MZ THE GAME Introduction Before I say anything, I must warn that english is not my native language, the game has screenshots in brazilian-portuguese but I do pretend translate it to...
  7. Askann

    Askann's MZ Random Stuff

    Added a custom character from my game, Viz (yeah, you got it, that's one of many references to pop culture of my game).
  8. Askann

    Askann's MZ Random Stuff

    I'm doing these ones for my game so I will probaly make some others.
  9. Askann

    Askann's MZ Random Stuff

    I changed order and some of the emotes to match with the others.
  10. Askann

    Askann's MZ Random Stuff

    Made further changes to the Actor1_1 faceset
  11. Askann

    What are the differences between Buffs and States?

    You can set your own rules about it. In my project I'm doing something crazy and I decide to keep states permanent, some skills do additional stuff when they hit enemies with specific states on them.
  12. Askann

    RTP Edit for RPG Maker MZ - Luscious Overworld

    I'm also brazilian.
  13. Askann

    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    I tried to create a little notetag using the Visustella Skills and States. I need one notetag that only enables a skill if there is someone DEAD in the party. I hate that MZ allow you to cast revive spells on alive members. I know that would be something like this...
  14. Askann

    Theo - Taunt and Hide MZ

    Nice plugin! It's working with the basic visustella plugins too.
  15. Askann

    Dynamic Encounter Effect [MV & MZ] - 4.0 MZ

    Pretty nice plugin! It's just like the old RPG games like Chrono Cross!
  16. Askann

    Galv's Action Indicators MZ

    Love the plugin! But it is possible to extend the range? For events like Inn shopkeepers that are behind a table?
  17. Askann

    Amy's MZ Edits

    I made one, not as good as the Amy ones, but you can find on the "What RTP is missing" post or in my post.
  18. Askann

    Askann's MZ Random Stuff

    I'm adding Actor 1_1 and Actor1_6 characters with emotes. I'm still working on these ones.
  19. Askann

    Askann's MZ Random Stuff

    Askann's MZ Random Stuff Hi there game makers, I'm posting some of my random edits, I don't even know why. I have made some edits on KADOKAWA sprites, so if you plan to use them, be sure to have they license buying the RPG Maker MZ and using only in RPG Maker games. You don't need to credit...
  20. Askann

    What the MZ RTP is missing!

    The art is not mine, as long you have buyed the RMMZ I guess it's OK.

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