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  1. KilljoyAGP

    RPG Maker MZ - Enemy health bar issue

    When battling multiple enemies (front view battle) and using custom sprites, when enemy A is killed, its health bar stays at the top of the screen. I don't know how to get it to disappear and see no setting to do so.
  2. KilljoyAGP

    Visustella Quest Maker issue

    I've used the search and couldn't find an answer to this. And yes, I'm a total newb to this! I bought Visustella's quest system for RPGM MZ and I understand how to use it (they gave a good help log...sort of) but what I can't figure out is this: How do I get the quest section to appear in the...
  3. KilljoyAGP

    Help! Have time issue

    I'm new to rpgmaker and I have MZ. I made a campfire and wanted it to transition from morning to noon, noon, to evening, evening to night, night to morning. Problem is, the screen goes dark like its night on the first transition, but it never gets light again! What do I do? Also, how do you...

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