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  1. Unwrapping a packet of cards

    How can I manage to create it? I mean, each card has its rarity: a legendary card is hard to find, so you have a low chance to open a pack with it. How can I simulate these percentages? Example: common cards 60% of chance to find (give item) this card. Rare card 20% etc...
  2. RMMZ Select item cancel button

    I found the code that creates the "cancel" button during the "select item" event. My question is: what have I to change in this code in order to change the coordinates (x and y) of that button? The window used for the event command [Select Item]. function Window_EventItem() {...
  3. RMMZ Javascript code help

    I'm trying to show an image for one second but it doesn't work. $gameScreen.showPicture(1, "Bagee's sword", 1, 800, 500, 80, 80, 255, 0); this.wait(60); $gameScreen.erasePicture(1) Am I doing something wrong?
  4. How can I change the "Select item"'s box height?

    Basically the title question. How can I do that? I've found these lines of code //----------------------------------------------------------------------------- // Window_EventItem // // The window used for the event command [Select Item]. function Window_EventItem() {...

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