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  1. RMMV Dragonbones Motion Attack A,B,C, etc.?

    Hey everyone! I have been using Dragonbones on MV, and so far everything is working fine. The only thing I am trying to figure out is what influences how your battler attacks? It seems like my battler always attacks the same way. Thanks in advance.
  2. RMMV Dragonbone enemies not disappearing on death

    Hey how's it going? I don't know if you figured it out yet, but what I did is deleted the part of the battler settings (copied into the enemy notes) where it says "Ani Dead: Damage". That's why your battler is sticking around after being defeated, because it is told to make the "Damage"...
  3. Jack's Generator Additions

    Yea both yours and the original poster's work look AMAZING! Thank you both so much for putting up the effort. I was tired of all of my ethnic characters being essentially bald and there's only so many hats you can use per person LOL.
  4. YEP Animated Enemies- Side View Enemy Battler Bug

    Omg! I figured it out. For anybody else having this problem it's because when purchasing this program from Steam, it does NOT have updated Yanfly plugins. Would be nice for them to let those of us who aren't tech savy, know...smh.
  5. RMMV YEP Action Sequences: Premades Current Sequence: Soul Link

    Oh ok I see, well that definitely makes sense. Well I find your work really impressive, and it certainly is helping me understand the way the action sequence works more. I just need to keep my sideview battlers from bouncing around my battle screen and ill be set lol.
  6. YEP Animated Enemies- Side View Enemy Battler Bug

    Hey everyone, so I am having an issue with my plugin. I am renaming the enemy in the database, and they show up just fine. The only issue is that the enemy battler is jumping around my battle screen, and when they attack, or is attacked, it's resting position is getting thrown way off. What's...
  7. RMMV YEP Action Sequences: Premades Current Sequence: Soul Link

    Awesome job! So I'm really trying to get these action sequences down. I'm curious what purpose does //"x" serve? Does it affect the sequence in anyway? Also how do you know when to separate your set up actions from your target actions?
  8. Animated Enemies

    Ok everything is working for me EXCEPT the SV Weapon:  and SV Motion: note tags, the enemy actor sprites show up just fine, and the enemy breathe control is awesome. I just can NOT get the enemy actor sprites to use weapons or the motions I tag them with. I dont know WHAT is going on. Am I...
  9. Animated Enemies

    What I want to know is how do you use the sv for the character graphics that count as a set, like "Evil" I want to use one character from that set. How do I choose just him out of all 6?
  10. Selecting text on event page.

    I'm saying like for example, how you can look at a paragraph, and take your mouse, and click and drag, and select all of the text your want included in what you are about to copy and paste. Can you do that some how on the event page?
  11. Jared's bag of goodies:3 new sprites! 12/04/2021

    Wow man, fantastic. I wish I knew how to make stuff like this. You and fox have gone above and beyond.
  12. Selecting text on event page.

    Is there a way to select a certain way to select specific text on your event page? Like certain parts, or a certain section you want to copy, without having to have to select the ENTIRE page.
  13. Overlapping tile sets.

    Hey everybody I forgot, what's the button you hold on your keyboard while putting in a tileset, to where it doesn't affect it's surroundings?
  14. Game crashes when I revive a character

    Oooooo okay, nevermind figured it out. The great Victor made an error lol.
  15. Game crashes when I revive a character

    I'm using the Victor Animated Battle script and for some reason whenever I revive a character, in battle AND in the menu, my game crashes and I get this message.                      Script 'VE Animated Battles' line 2759: NoMethodError occurred.                       undefined method 'call...
  16. Sprite Enemy Tankentai

    Is it possible to use sprites as enemies in Tankentai side battle? Or just in Victor's Engine? And if so, how do you do it? It's an eye sore seeing my sprites battle humans that are like 3 times larger lol.
  17. An Odd Experience

    Eye roll......
  18. Variables Guide

    I still fiind variables kind of confusing, but I know more now then I did before, after playing the demo. The MOST important thing I got from it, was character levels..I got multiple character's in my game, and didn't know what level to make new joining characters, without playing through and...
  19. Anybody know any good minigame scripts?

    Thanks @ Can much appreciated. I thought this was a site where NEW people could ask ANY question, about RPG Maker..according to Shaz I was wrong lol.
  20. What formula would I use for an attack that get's stronger, when you have less hp?

    Sorry if this is in wrong section.

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