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  1. [SOLVED] Getting tripped up...

    I want to give the Player Character an option to "trip" an NPC. The way I figured it is I make the Actor move aside, move the other character down, play a "walk" animation to make the PC look like they're sticking their foot out, then replace the 2nd characters' graphic with a "fallen down"...
  2. Set Movement -> Change Image not accounting for 1x3 sprites?

    So I'm using the sequence above to show a character being pushed down, so I wanted to use a "damaged" sprite. When I went to use "Change Image", the selection box was 3 x 3, even though each "damaged" character only inhabits a 1 x 3 area. And as I'm sure you're all aware, the "damaged"...
  3. Issue with interupting a movement route.

    So, I have two NPCs on different maps, each with a similar route (just a basic back and forth with some pauses to look around). One of them, if I get in his way, he stops, and once I'm out of his way, he resumes his route and goes where he's supposed to. Works great! The OTHER NPC though, if I...
  4. (Bugs and rants) Just wanted to voice some dissatisfaction =(

    So, I dove into using the MV trial a couple months ago... and it was semi-enjoyable. Enough so that, when I saw MZ, the latest version, on sale on Steam a week or so ago, I was like "Okay, cool, I'll buy it, cuz, why not?" (yeah, all the RPGMakers were on sale, but mweh) Boy, I wish I'd've...
  5. Getting some distance...

    So I've set up an event where the player sets a bomb to remove a boulder to open a path to access a side-area. I've got the timing and special effects down pretty well. I thought it would be fun to give the player 3 seconds to run and hide so that the exploding boulder doesn't damage them...
  6. Help with Stealth/Sneak Attack mechanic.

    So, I'm ALMOST there with this, but figured I needed help with polish. I've successfully implemented a Stealth mechanic in battle. The Actor becomes translucent (thanks to Mokusei Penguin), and gains a passive buff to Evasion, Critical Hit %, Attack, and a significantly lowered target rate. I...

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