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  1. MUSH Plugins: Item Collector Menu

    This is incredible!
  2. biter_fow - Fog of War

    This is cool, I hope you keep working on it.
  3. Random Enemy Traits

    This is a very cool concept. Well done on the script!
  4. GDT Elements Leveling

    Very cool concept, I can't wait to try this out!
  5. Gold rate / Drop rate

    Wow! Very handy feature.
  6. Damage Efficiency

    This is great for passive state/skills. Well done!
  7. Random Dialogue v1.03a

    This is such a creative plugin, kudos!
  8. Beacons - NPC Spawning

    This is genius!
  9. Esper System

    Has anyone tried making a system similar to FF6's esper magic system? I was thinking just the part where you learn skills by having them equipped.
  10. Tales of Graces Title System

    By the way, has anyone used this title in a game or project? I'm curious.
  11. Kai Monkey's Random Dungeons! -- Now with Version Two!

    Thank you so much! I can't wait to try this.
  12. Enemy Class

    Personally, this looks like it can save a LOT of time if making variations on one type of enemy. Thanks!
  13. Party Trade Scene

    Very dynamic, great work!
  14. Region Fog

    This is great. Reminds me of the old school Ultima games or rogue-likes.
  15. Extract Events to Text File

    Is it possible to do this extraction with the database? I'm just curious, great script.
  16. Player Manager

    Do the parties share inventory? Also, can you combine the parties later?
  17. Partition Damage v1.10

    Very nice, this is useful for giving weapons/skills more then one element.
  18. Map Effects

    This is great! 
  19. Tales of Graces Title System

    A lot of hard work must have gone into this. Great job!
  20. Variables Guide

    This is such an awesome tutorial. It is very helpful!

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