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  1. CaraPrincess

    RMMZ Which (good) ABS systems for MZ are compatible with pixel movement plugins (QPlugins MZ LunaTechs, etc.) and Galv’s Projectile plugins?

    I’ve found out about JABS, but it is kinda lackluster due to its sparse documentation… Not sure whether it supports plugin commands for pixel movement plugins and projectile plugins (especially those by Galv)… If those aren’t supported in that plugin, then what other ABS plugins for MZ can...
  2. CaraPrincess

    RMMV Working with QABS: Is it possible or not to do bullet-hell with vanilla QABS functions?

    I've just peeked through the pages for Quxios' plugins and found out that QABS supports pixel-perfect skill animation (i.e. defining pixel-perfect paths for a skill animation upon a skill is executed). I thought of using it for bullet-hell attacks, but a few questions remain: I didn't found any...
  3. CaraPrincess

    RMMV Help with my title screen + plugin setup!

    Before I added the rest of the visual-novel utilities plugins into my project, Moghunter's Title Screen Command (or whatever it is called) plugin works smoothly without any problems. But after I added those visual novel utilities plugins, it stopped responding to up-down input, and is only...
  4. CaraPrincess

    RMMV Are there any video guides on how to set up Quxios plugins (including QMovement (followers version included), QABS, etc.)?

    Please I have got several Quxios plugins in my project, and once I tried to set up all of them, only to be greeted with several error screens. So far I haven't found any resources on how to set up these plugins for MV projects. So please can any of you give me any easy-to-follow guides on the...
  5. CaraPrincess

    RMMV Pixel-perfect map projectiles plugin?

    So far I've tried Galv's Map Projectiles plugin, but anyway, it doesn't work like what I expect since my game is even more bullet-hell than usual RPG Maker games that uses the plugin, and it utilizes an ABS system where you can battle enemies directly in the overworld. (the plugin by Galv only...
  6. CaraPrincess

    RMMV Question about Chrono Engine's use of enemy attacks

    In my game, Muse Genkaroku, I am expecting for a kind of ABS battle which involves bullet-hell-styled dodging akin to games in the Touhou Project series. But in several videos that demonstrates how the Chrono Engine works, enemies just directly attack the player when their turn comes without...
  7. CaraPrincess

    Can any of you point out to me how autotiles in MV works in the simplest and easy-to-understand way as possible?

    While I have made some tiles for my previous game project using MV, they are not pretty good since many of the autotiles I made for that game project are pretty awkward (pretty looks like that I have used the copy / paste tool in any raster graphics editors to create looping tiles (the same with...
  8. CaraPrincess

    RMMV Happy RPG Maker Day! Here I shall present you my current game project, Muse Genkaroku, a fan-made ARPG of the Seihou Project!

    MUSE GENKAROKU (聖法少女ミューズ源化録) ~ A fan-made ARPG of the Seihou Project starring Muse Synopsis: Characters: Screenshots (WIP): DL:
  9. CaraPrincess

    RMMV Where can I find the Cross Engine (Chrono + Pixel Movement)? And does it work the same as the vanilla Chrono Engine?

    I've found the post for Cross Engine quite a while ago, but now I lost track of it. Can any of you give the original post of the Cross Engine? And one question: Is the Cross Engine compatible with resources for the vanilla Chrono Engine, and do the tutorials for the vanilla Chrono Engine works...
  10. CaraPrincess

    RMMV How the heck can I make the image on the title screen animated using YEP Picture Spritesheets?

    Basically, I've got an image in the img/pictures folder, and it looks like this: I am using YEP_PictureSpritesheets plugin in order to make the flames on the character's back appears "animated", but nothing happens, despite I have the plugin installed and I named and placed the file correctly...
  11. CaraPrincess

    RMMV Chrono Engine Setup 101 for Beginners please! I am having troubles in setting up the plugins for it!

    Recently I have got the Chrono Engine pack from Moghunter, and that's a HECK LOAD of plugins for just an ABS!!:hsrs: One problem remains for me: How the heck can I set up the Chrono battle system? I'm having troubles in setting it up, since it keep throwing errors if I keep the plugins / images...
  12. CaraPrincess

    What the heck? Party members do not even move!

    Basically when I try to move the player character around the screen in my game's playtest, the leading member of the party moves, but the rest aren't! Here's a preview: (Note: both members are using the NDS-styled sprite template I made) I even also tried the default bean-headed sprites came...
  13. CaraPrincess

    Heck! My newly-created spritesheet when resized through several means, its pixels remain stretched or blurry! Any ways to fix that?

    I've grabbed a sprite sheet from Spriters' Resource as the inspiration for the sprite sheet base that will be used as the base for the sprite sheets used in my RPG Maker game project, Muse Genkaroku (which btw uses MV as its engine). But the problem is: Each of the cells in the sprite sheet is...
  14. CaraPrincess

    RMMV Which menu UI plugins are compatible with mobile and browser?

    As I think up of mobile and browser versions of the games in my Seihou Project fangame series Muse Genkaroku, I wonder if there are any menu screen UI plugins for RMMV that is compatible with both mobile and browser games' input*. Currently I am thinking of using SRD's KH Menu Screen plugin for...
  15. CaraPrincess

    Limitations of RMMV browser export and what changes will it make to the browser version compared to the executable / app version?

    Aside from a mobile port of Genkaroku, I am also planning to have a browser version of Genkaroku too, running on HTML5. This plan is made in correlation with the news that the worldwide version of Touken Ranbu, a pretty popular browser game, is releasing soon. Despite there are some pretty...
  16. CaraPrincess

    RMMV Free for both non-commercial and commercial use ABS plugin for RPG Maker MV that is compatible with mobile input?

    I've just ask the RPG Maker subreddit on which mobile-compatible ABS plugin should I use for my project, given that the Undertale battle system plugin for MV by SRD seems to be not compatible with mobile input. Instead of giving me a comprehensive list of mobile-compatible ABS plugins, they...
  17. CaraPrincess

    RMMZ Undertale / Deltarune battle system plugin for MZ?

    Greetings. Akira Akagi of Akira Akagi Games here. I know and have been using this amazing UT-styled battle system plugin from SumRndmDde for a while: I really love how he brings such an amazing replication of the well-known UT battle system to...
  18. CaraPrincess

    Plugin Request: Game Jolt API for VNMaker?

    Greetings. I'm CaraPrincess. I'm planning to develop my game, Touhou Tennyoshi ~ Angel of Cordial Friendships, using Visual Novel Maker. Currently I have the Game Jolt + devlog of the game. Here's the Game Jolt devlog: One thing amazing about...

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