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  1. JoePie

    Change Font in-game

    Hello everyone! I'm developing a game with multiple languages, where each of them using different fonts. I'm wondering is it possible to switch font or font size in-game? Either with switches, comment, scriptcall or ETC. I would appreciate much if someone can help me with this. Thank you so...
  2. JoePie


    Paradog is a short game created for Learning Together Game Jam. Take time around 5-10min of gameplay. Real short. Story entwined between a dog and some cute Halloween creatures. Can you endure the Horror Cutiness? Window ver. (78mb) Mac ver. (78mb) Plugins & help from Game...
  3. JoePie

    (SOLVED) Regarding Battle_Hud by Mog

    Hey matey,   I'm using Mog's BattleHud on HotDog and I'm pretty sure something was bugging with parameter L_Skill_Y-Axis.  You can see from attached pic it behave differently than item menu, which use the same parameter and PNG file.  It doesn't change the margin between menu and picture...
  4. JoePie

    <Poll Closed> Main character design change

    Hey guys, So, another serious problem with hideous character. After days of eating chips & watching Canada Master Chef, I think HotDog's design is not showing his background story and not hilarious abit for a processed food.  ;_; So I quickly draft out another design with actual...
  5. JoePie

    Changing Collapse & Escape Effect

    Fellow scripters, I'd like to change collapse effect to using animation (like blood splatter and etc), And changing Escape animation to Collapse effect, for example disappearing instead of running away. But found there's no way to alter them without a plugin according to here, I...
  6. JoePie

    Regarding Collapse & Escape Effect

    Hi fellows, There's 2 question regarding built in collapse & Escape effect in RMMV. 1) Is there anyway to change collapse effect to using animation (like fire and etc)? 2) Is there anyway to change Escape animation to Collapse effect AKA disappearing instead of running away? Thanks...
  7. JoePie

    Yoshitake Amano's Art in 3D

    When Yoshitaka Amano's artwork meet 3D SO AWESOME!  :O  
  8. JoePie

    Homage (Easter) of famous character

    Hey Chaps, here's a very serious question with hilarious content. "Hot Dog" is a game full with PUN character like E-laser, Apri-Cat and etc. And there's a Mini-Boss in my game call Rainbow Ram'bo, which is clearly a play on Now the Rainbow in "HotDog" Here's his description just...
  9. JoePie

    Come on! It's Easter Day!

    Alright Chaps! Put down your mice and go Wild for BvS Easter Day!  I'm so free I made an Easter wallpaper XD Happy Easter Day! From: easter egg Mr.8 P.S: Anyone know how to delete your own post? Just post a random thread in a serious place.        Reported but the thread was...
  10. JoePie

    Hot Dog {9/4 looking beta tester & proofreader}

    Update:  Looking for tester and proofreader for "HotDog" Beta Demo. Nearly done but need serious verification from Native English speaker (or someone good at it) for obvious reason, I'm not. Appreciated, and Cheers.     One Dog. One Time Freezing World. One...
  11. JoePie

    [CLOSED]Art/Game's Anime-Wannabe realistic Portrait!

    Yo Chaps! Long story short, I want to support the community (Which support my game too much!) with what I do best. See samples below: Samples was free to use in Non Commercial & Commercial games. Simply credit to "JoePie" is enough. Request Template as below. Guideline coming soon...
  12. JoePie

    JoePie here!

    Yo Chaps!  JoePie here! Newborn in RPGmaker MV but have been doing well with Unity before! Well....Yeah! I'm part of my IndieTeam "Art/Game", Our second coming game (first one would be "Salim", which scored top10 in IGMC'15) would be "HotDog - The Hottest Compadre", which you can see an Alpha...
  13. JoePie

    <SOLVED>Help to make Gameus's Quest Window transparent

    Hey fellow, I'm looking for a way to make Gameus's quest window transparent, then bind an image behind it. Same applied to Yep_Party System's party window. Been looking in the JS but found nowhere to put in: this._Window_Quest.opacity = 0; For example Item Menu below. I basically...

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