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  1. siuleeboss

    RMMV How to open the status page of a specified actor in a map event?

    I want to open the status page of the specified actor through js in the event, how can I do it? I know SceneManager.push(Scene_Status); can open the status page, but this is not what I want because it always shows the first player and when I want to show the second or third or fourth player, it...
  2. siuleeboss

    RMMV How to get the total number of events for a map?

    How to get the total number of events for a map? For example I want to get the length of map 3.
  3. siuleeboss

    Has anyone received an email from lately?

    Hello everyone, I have several rmmv works on GooglePlay, and I recently received an email from The content is roughly saying that I have noticed some of my products and want to conduct strategic cooperation. How reliable is this email?
  4. siuleeboss

    RMMV I need a plugin that can implement quick save on android phone

    My game needs to be saved in real time on an android phone, but the existing auto-save plug-ins cannot really save quickly, and there will be a freeze when saving. Can anyone help?
  5. siuleeboss

    RMMV Is there a plug-in that can save the game progress on Android phones to GooglePlay or other cloud saving methods?

    When deploying games to android phones, online saving is a big problem. Is there a plug-in that can solve it?
  6. siuleeboss

    RMMV How can I get event comment in JavaScript?

    I want to do different things by judging different comments. (This does not mean note, but the event page of comments)
  7. siuleeboss

    RMMV There are no plug-ins can implement Android cloud save?

    I want to find a plugin that can save the Android game to the cloud, like firebase; I found a plugin but it can only be implemented on the web, not for android: Can anyone help me?
  8. siuleeboss

    RMMV Is there a plug-in for MV that can be directly clicked to confirm like MZ?

    Is there a plug-in for MV that can be directly clicked to confirm like MZ? No need to click to select, and then click again to confirm.
  9. siuleeboss

    RMMV How to cancel the animation of the message box?

    When the dialog is triggered, the expansion dialog box and the selection box have a quick expansion animation. Can you cancel this animation and directly display the box and dialog? (The image above has been decelerated, and the expansion animation of the dialog box can be seen more clearly)
  10. siuleeboss

    RMMV Are there any online plugins for the android platform?

    Hello everyone! I want to find a plugin that can support cloud save and ARPG 1V1 player battle. Players can log in to the game using social media accounts such as google account or facebook, and automatically read his only game save. I found a plug-in (OnlineAvatar.js) that uses firebase for...
  11. siuleeboss

    RMMV Are there any plugins to use steam IAP?

    As stated in the title,I want to use steam in-app purchases for PC games. Is there any plug-in to support? Or related teaching?
  12. siuleeboss

    RMMV How to display picture 1 on top of picture 2?

    Under normal circumstances, if the pictures overlap, picture 1 will be covered by picture 2. How can I make Picture 1 jump to the top of Picture 2 when player click on Picture 1? Don't be covered by Picture 2? (YEP_PictureCommonEvents plugin is in use)
  13. siuleeboss

    When the game continues, MOG_VariableHud.js cannot be displayed

    Hi Everyone,I have a question to ask everyone When the game continues, MOG_VariableHud.js cannot be displayed this Only display this , I need to enter the next map to display it correctly What can i do to fix this BUG?
  14. siuleeboss

    How to show a website in my game?

    How can I browse a webpage in my game? If can't do this, how can I show several pictures on the Internet in the game?
  15. siuleeboss

    YEP Auto save Plugin can not auto save?

    When a player is not re-load save files after saving, auto save plugin will not work, this is a normal situation?
  16. siuleeboss

    How to Fix Game Lag in Android?

    My game has received a lot of player returns lag since its launch. How can I fix it? This is my game: google play
  17. siuleeboss

    RMMV Ore Maze --- Your favorite roguelike game

  18. siuleeboss

    Have any online gaming plugin for rmmv?

    I want to make an Android card game that can be Online battle in the game. Is there any plugin suitable?
  19. siuleeboss

    How to limit the upper limit of the same weapon equip?

    Hello everyone,I used yep_equipcore and customized the player to have multiple weapon slots, but I don't want the player to equip more than 3 same weapons. What should I do?
  20. siuleeboss

    When the player clicks anywhere outside the selection window, deselected by default?

    When the selection window appears, the player can only select the options in the window. When the player wants to cancel the selection, he must press "Cancel". When it is operated multiple times, this is quite troublesome. Then what I want to do is: When the player clicks anywhere outside the...

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