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  1. Marillmau5

    RMMZ Adjust Window_ActorCommand & Window_BattleStatus = Rows and Columns

    I updated this post again for one more shot at someone being able to help. I'm requesting a plugin that would allow me to force the window to show only 2 rows and 2 columns of skills. Like a message core manager but for the battle window. Yanflys mv core had a setting to force the battle...
  2. Marillmau5

    Simplified Faux Card Battle Request - ItemI Images

    Since this is a request thread I'll give this a try and maybe someone comes along might think this will be fun or good to make for the community. I'm requesting a simplified fake style card Battle system. It's not a 100% custom system. It will use the majority of the MV Battle system. Items...
  3. Marillmau5

    Trying to make the screen 9x11 tiles like the gameboy.

    Hello I'm trying to essentially lower the resolution to mimic the Game boy. Specifically to have 9 tiles from left to right and 11 top to down. The only thing I can think of is to create a frame mask over the whole game. The only problem with that is the text box won't adjust and the battle...
  4. Marillmau5

    Adjust battle system menus left/right

    Requesting hopefully a quick script/fix to Extend/move space to give more room for names? the resolution is 480x432 I am using a lot of scripts already, yanfly core engine, yanfly battle engine, with a lot of edits and changes to window padding and text padding.
  5. Marillmau5

    Benched Fighters-tcg style script request

    Im here to request Benched Fighters. Its just like pokemon and tcg games. lets say your max party members are 4, when you get in battle one is active and the other are disabled. i dont want to grey them out just hide them completely until a hero dies or you switch and pick the next active...
  6. Marillmau5

    Side View - Actor Battler (instead of Sv Actors)

    Side View - Actor Battler Its pretty much using monster battlers but for the heros. I tried making the image static for each sv actor but its too much work in the end. I was wondering if anyone can make it like this. +Actors/heros name pulls from the img/pictures file with the same name...
  7. Marillmau5

    Display Hero in overworld but not in menu.

    Ive searched and can do it in the system by changing each actor/ally to have the heros overworld image, but then you cant have monsters following you or exchange them in a bank or formation system. REQUEST: Display Hero in Overworld - But not in menu. Why: To have the hero be a Monster trainer...
  8. Marillmau5

    Check Event Direction(facing) in Conditional Branch

    Check Event Direction(facing) in Conditional Branch I never could figure out how to check where the event is facing. Im planning on having an enemy event to have conditional branches, depending on where the player is facing there will be a check to see where the event is facing too. To see the...
  9. Marillmau5

    Super Basic Projectiles

    1. I want to note that I've tried all the ABS scripts and one system got close to what I wanted but I will describe in detail what didn't work out for me below under "WHY?" Super Basic Projectiles What I'm looking for is a simple: Press a button > Shoot a projectile > Trigger event self switch...

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