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  1. HeroicJay

    Jay's Battle VA Manager (voice acting), with Yanfly Action Sequence compatibility, version 1.0

    After too much time of too little activity, I'm back with a new plugin! This one is all about customizing voice acting to the situation at hand. Most of the features require Yanfly's Action Sequences to be of much use, but you can still use some of the basic features without Yanfly. This plugin...
  2. HeroicJay

    Jay's Battle VA Manager (voice acting!) (MOVED TO PLUGIN RELEASES)

    NOTE: THIS PLUGIN HAS BEEN MOVED TO PLUGIN RELEASES. CLICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO IT. I'm working on a new plugin! I was actually planning this one before I even had RPG Maker MV, but never got around to it. But now, here it is! Well, a beta version with limited functionality, but it's a start...
  3. HeroicJay

    Jay's Journey Double Feature! (demo included!)

    When monsters mysteriously attack the hometown of our protagonist, Jay, and his best friend, Carol, a talking lion appears, telling them of a wizard named Antignarot trying to conquer the world. Jay won't let that stand, so he and Carol join the lion (who claims to have once been a man named...
  4. HeroicJay

    Jay's Variable Mix BGM Manager Version 1.0.2

    Many commercial video games have what is known as a "variable mix". What this means is that the game can pick a track that matches what is going on - but the tracks typically have the same (or similar) melodies and can flow from one to the other. For examples, look at Rare's Nintendo 64 games...
  5. HeroicJay

    Single/Multiple target switch (requires Yanfly's Battle Core; version 0.6) So here's something I threw together when I realized Yanfly's Target Core didn't do one of the things I was hoping it would do. This script will let you switch between targeting one enemy/ally and targeting multiple enemies/allies for any skill marked with...
  6. HeroicJay

    Why can't I set a breakpoint in rpg_objects.js?

    This is probably a little more in-depth than most of the questions asked here. :) But I'm trying to set a breakpoint in rpg_objects.js through the debugger, just to check some data, and... I can't. I can't by clicking on the line number. I can sort-of set one by right-clicking and selecting...
  7. HeroicJay

    Jay's MiniMap Maker - Version 1.0.2

    So you want to put a map in the corner of your screen? Well, this plugin lets you do just that! From anything in-game, just call the Plugin Command MakeMap and you'll get one of the map you're currently on! (My method is to make an infinite-use item that calls a common event, and put the Plugin...
  8. HeroicJay

    Jay's Dual Tech system

    THIS PLUGIN IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE IN THIS FORUM A dual tech allows two characters to join forces and combine their skills into one more powerful skill. However, the use of one requires you to spend the cost of both characters' composite skills, so it can get quite MP (or TP) costly! To...
  9. HeroicJay

    Getting width of skill cost text

    So I've been rigging up a script for dual and triple techs. And it works like an absolute charm! (Well, you might want Yanfly's Action Sequence plugins, since it doesn't deal with animation, but I made that decision before I started the plugin.) Except... Well, it deducts the cost of two...
  10. HeroicJay

    [VX Ace] Keeping object data when saving (without using lots of switches)

    I recognize what the problem here is, and the code otherwise works fine, so I'm not asking for the problem, just a solution. The setup One member of the party is a telepath and has an ability called "Detect". This is an enemy scan that first shows stats for the individual monster, and then has...
  11. HeroicJay

    Fadein not working after map transition

    This seems like a bug, and I'm utterly stumped. I've tried adding "Wait" events, and all it does is make the process go more slowly. I call the following common event for map transitions (this one is specifically for LEFT map transitions, but other directions aren't any better.) It's just a...
  12. HeroicJay

    Trying to apply permanent statuses

    I'm trying to apply permanent statuses to both actors and enemies alike. Think like in Final Fantasy VI, where Interceptor was a permanent "status" applied to Shadow. These statuses should be applied to nearly all units, with a bit of randomness on the part of the enemies. I can get the initial...

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