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  1. XinChao

    New Idea to construct new programming language for newbie (N+)

    As you know I am a newbie in programming as I progress learning, I find many things do not make sense often cause confusion for me. So, here I will save all what cause confusions in the programming language that could have done better to avoid. I save this so someday If I am  capable of create a...
  2. XinChao

    Looking for utilities does enemies and actors stat calculation.

    I'm looking for utilities or program does calculation of enemies and actors  damage...etc. Example, utilities where you put the Actors stat Weapon stat Skill stat ...etc. And then put in Enemy stat ...etc. Then do the calculation to see how much (actor stats + weapon + cast skill) does...
  3. XinChao

    Can anyone explain this method.

    def make_command_list end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Add Command # name : Command name # symbol : Corresponding symbol # enabled : Activation state flag # ext : Arbitrary extended data...
  4. XinChao

    Database guide

    Im looking database guide which explain database feature such as param, rate, damage formula etc.
  5. XinChao

    Scripters vs Artists

    I just take a look at the forum and the number of posts in scripting sub forum double the posts in resources. In sort of artists?
  6. XinChao

    What would you like your main character be?

    Male = Smart, cunning, pure heart, dumb, weak often require additional helps, very strong as warrior leader...etc? Female = Smart, naive, slow, weak, strong...etc?
  7. XinChao

    Learn skills.

    Ok, I am trying to write a script where actor learn skill from the item. For example, you got the book and you want to learn by read that book.  I know you can do that by add learn skill or by call a common event. What I can't do is how to make the item can only be consumed specific to the...
  8. XinChao

    How do I turn green background to transparency.

    Trying to delete the green background, quick way.
  9. XinChao

    Cut scene sprite animation.

    Looking for a script that let me make sprite swinging a sword during cut scene. Look at Falcao ABS where sprites can do several actions without having to make many sprites sheets. I am looking for is NOT a battle engine but script you can make sprite...
  10. XinChao

    How do I move text box by scripting?

    Im wondering.
  11. XinChao

    Anyone knows how to type Vietnamese in RMVXace

    Does anyone knows?
  12. XinChao

    Small project recruiting for writer.

    I'm working on small project and looking for writer. Below are screenshots. If you're interested, contact me.
  13. XinChao

    Chest Item Popup

    There is this script, iItem Popup by Nicke I can't get it to work. Anyone is using the script and got it working?
  14. XinChao

    What do you like to do the most when making your games?

    What I like to do; Mapping (I like mapping) Eventing (I like the most, however, It became tedious when you have to test the events over and over) Scritping (learning how to script) Design characters and title screen (not a good pixel artist but I enjoyed to spent hours to make custom...
  15. XinChao

    Class and Method

    Ok, here is the code which is very confuse to me. So, you have the class Die. Inside the class you have method roll. Then you create an array with two Die class as values. Then you use each method and do loop to print out the the values. Which confuse me is when you create and empty class...
  16. XinChao

    Type of Loops what they do?

    For some reasons, I still not so clear with each type of loops. There are more than one type of loops and they all seem can perform the same thing. What I don't understand is the distinctive of each type?
  17. XinChao

    Bug; Crash when eventing

    I am using the Ace trial version. Ace kept crashing every time I tried to edit the existing event. Sometimes, the event commands do not appear in event sheet.
  18. XinChao

    Learning Ruby with RGSS

    Wonder if there is a site or a book that teaches Ruby with RGSS. It would be an interested way to learn Ruby.

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