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  1. cuby

    Moving pictures in other ways

    Hi! Is there any way to move pictures other than in a straight line, zooming, or rotating? I'd love to create a more complex movement pattern (such as just a buzzing fly), but I'm not sure what other options there might be out there that aren't obvious. Certainly open to a plugin but always...
  2. cuby

    How to add an enemy mid battle behind existing enemy and have it move

    Specific thing I'm trying to do but not having luck. I'd like to have an enemy appear mid-battle (easy), but I'd like to have it appear behind the existing enemy, and emerge from behind like it was hiding there the entire time. Might anyone have any ideas how to accomplish this? Thank you...
  3. cuby

    After Equip, remain in menu

    Hi all, After equipping an armor, the menu totally backs out all the way and closes, which is really disruptive to game flow. I have to think that tons of other people have encountered and solved this, but I can't find any mentions of it (since I think it's a weird thing to find the right...
  4. cuby

    Picture rotate while moving -- like old-timey newsreel

    Just a quick question to see if I can do this with stock eventing -- I'd love to have a newspaper headline simultaneously rotate while moving (enlarging). I know I can do either one independently but I haven't had much luck with the image starting small, then rotating and enlarging until it...
  5. cuby

    Randomizing system sound effects

    I'm a big fan of randomizing things, so I was wondering if it were possible to perhaps use a script call to get MV to choose between a random set of SE's to use for, let's say, save game. I know this feels like a plugin requesty sort of thing but every now and then someone comes up with a...
  6. cuby

    Problem with Player Touch events

    I've encountered an interesting issue with player touch events that I've been banging my head against: I have a room with multiple identical NPC's, and I want them to play a SE from a set of several SE's when touched. So currently I have them all running a common event when touched. This...
  7. cuby

    Basic question about using || in script calls

    Hi all, very quick question. I have a conditional branch that is checking on the value of a variable. The variable is is a text string, and I am checking this string to see if it says a certain thing before proceeding. However, I'm having some issues with this and since I'm a newbie in this...
  8. cuby

    RMMV Numeric variable displaying with comma in Yanfly Save Core

    Hi! I'm using Yanfly's Save Core. It allows you to display a variable as part of the save file information, which I am using to display location. Some of my locations include a year, and for some reason, the save file is displaying the year as a comma. So, 1960 becomes 1,960. Quite interesting...
  9. cuby

    RMMV Is there a way to rotate an enemy during battle?

    Hi! I have a circular enemy that I'd love to have rotate during the battle. I have explored what the plugin options are, and there's certainly animation options, but nothing to do a simple rotate. Might anyone have any thoughts? Thanks! :LZSgrin: :LZSjoy: :LZSgrin:
  10. cuby

    RMMV YEP Common Event Menu -- possible to have dynamic pictures?

    This is a wonderfully powerful plugin that I am very thankful exists, and I'm hoping someone out there is very familiar with it and perhaps able to help. It allows for a picture to be shown in a side window when hovering over a common event menu item. It's added through a comment in the common...
  11. cuby

    How do I query an actor's Max TP?

    I know that querying current TP is $, but I can't find out how to query the Max TP on the Script Calls spreadsheet. Might anyone know? Usage: I'm using a skill that can restore TP, and I'd like to include a conditional branch that checks to see if TP is already at max. I'd...
  12. cuby

    Seeking help in managing cutscene eventing!

    Hi, I'm trying to put together a cutscene that is proving to be way more difficult than I imagined! I feel like I have a reasonable amount of experience with eventing but apparently I have a lot more to learn. What I'm looking to do is have it appear that lots of people are emerging from a...
  13. cuby

    Error converting 1.4.1 project to 1.6

    I've finally undertaken the task of converting my legacy project over to 1.6. If I load the old project into 1.6, it edits and playtests fine, all the way through. It also deploys with no issues. However, it lacks the utility of hitting F9 to change switch/variable values while playtesting. I...
  14. cuby

    RMMV Temporarily changing cardinal direction movement to diagonal

    This is the sort of query that is very difficult to search for posts about, so please forgive me if this is either a solved issue or if the post is not in the right place. I have custom parallax maps that include inclines. So I'd like for the right-arrow to temporarily input as down-right when...
  15. cuby

    How to query gold amount?

    Hi! Very quick question ... How might I query the amount of gold a player has in a script call? And how might I save that number to a variable? Many thanks!! :LZSsmile: :LZSjoy: :LZSsmile:
  16. cuby

    RMMV Requesting a plugin to show picture after skill, but before target selection, during battle

    Hi all, this is pursuant to this thread where @Andar convinced me to seek out a compact, targeted plugin to do what I'm hoping for. I'd love to be able to show an image in battle AFTER a skill (such as heal) has been selected, but before the target has been chosen. Here is how (ideally) the...
  17. cuby

    RMMV Run common event in battle after skill selection, but before target selection?

    Here's a tricky one that's stumping me! It miiiiight be a job for a plugin but something tells me this is doable with script calls somehow ... I'd love to have the flexibility to run a common event in battle between skill selection, and target selection. For example: In battle, you choose...
  18. cuby

    Question about skill types vs skills

    This is what I imagine is a very basic question, but it continues to create issues for me and I don't think I understand properly. I have a skill type, called "Tech". There are several skills, all of which are "Tech" type skills. I have an actor who has a class with the "Add Skill Type" of...
  19. cuby

    RMMV Select item window sometimes showing up on bottom

    I have noticed a quite weird thing -- usually, "select item" opens up the selection window at the top of the screen. I'm not super stoked about that since I'd prefer it at the bottom, but not a big deal. But I have one event with a Select Item, where it is preceded by a show text that is in the...
  20. cuby

    Basics: in my items window, items are white/gray and I can't see why ...

    I have not been able to find an answer for this believe it or not -- in my very basic items window, I have some items that are white, and allow me to attempt to "consume" them, and gray items that don't allow this. I have almost all my items listed not only as "not consumable", but also...

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