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  1. floralContemplation

    A few basic, but unusual ideas.

    Salutations, I'm working on a small game for mainly a few of my friends and I was wondering if the following ideas would benefit the game: Gems: So, since the game will have multiple characters, I wanted to make each one of them fresh and unique, but why should I do it, when the player...
  2. floralContemplation

    Battle music makes my game unplayable?

    So I'm making a small experimental game for me and my friends using resources from other games such as Final Fantasy and Earthbound, naturally I need a battle theme. I go on YouTube and use this YouTube to MP3/.OGG converter to get an .ogg of Earthbound's battle theme. (It was 30 minutes long...

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Update on the Unity thing: I had to redo all my map graphics for Unity because the originals were from XP, but it actually looks so much better now in Unity, so I genuinely might make the switch.
Messing around with fragment shaders (filters). This thing is HUGE and I'm surprised almost no one makes good use of. Even the number of plugins that do this stuff are limited.

There's 7 main areas in the game that are all connected. This train get's you from an underground lab to the center of someone's subconscious. inside the train you can talk to some of the passengers. but going to the top of it, there's battles.
Speedrunning all character portraits just so they all have the same quality. Not sure if this was a good idea, but now I'm almost done.
We now have a gameplay video!

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