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  1. xDGameStudios

    Param Curve Generation

    Hi everyone ;) I don't know what would be the right place to post a question like this! ;) I wanted to know I formula being the parameter curve "Generate curve..." window. This window is comprised of a: begin level (1) and end level (99) values and then a growth type with 21 settings!! I wanted...
  2. xDGameStudios

    Map to PNG (underneath layer + over layer)

    Hi everyone, I don't know if this is a request because I don't know if there is a script for this, but here it goes, creating a parallax max is sometimes needed and a lot of games use it more and more often.... one thing I noticed though is that it is a real pain to separate the layer below...
  3. xDGameStudios

    [XDE] xDGameStudios Engine - AchvPack1 v1.0 (EXTENSION)

    XDE_X_AchvPack1 +v1.0 xDGameStudios Introduction  This plugin adds new achievements to the XDE_AchievementSys plugin. Features All the help is provided in the help section of the plug in. Here is a copy of that section:   Screenshots (Doesn't apply, is an extension!) How...
  4. xDGameStudios

    Regex for trimming?!

    I am trying to create a regexp for this: word many words here word i want to extract the 'many words here' with out the beginning and end spaces. i use /word\s*([\w ]+)\s*word/i If the sentence is 'word she got       word' the match will have all the extra spaces :/ can't it be...
  5. xDGameStudios

    Iconset with XBox Controller icons?!?

    Hi everyone I would like to know if anyone of you ever seen a iconset for RPG Maker containing the XBOX or Playstation contorller icons... or a like! Thank you so much,
  6. xDGameStudios

    How to make a reference to a game_enemy from action?!

    Hi everyone!! I wanted to know how can I reference a game_enemy and by that I mean one from the gameTroop array! for example for actors you can do something like... action.subject().actor().id... store this id and then use.... $; what if I want to do this with enemies...
  7. xDGameStudios

    Best way to reset a "Battle" variables??

    Hi everyone I need to reset a variable on every time a Battler dies/gets resurrected and or everytime a battle starts/ends. lets say for example the variable is gotHit... I need to know if since the beginning of the battle the battler got hitted or not... or if he got hit since the last time...
  8. xDGameStudios

    [XDE] xDGameStudios Engine - ItemEvents v1.2 (NEW)

    XDE_ItemEvents +v1.2 xDGameStudios Introduction  This plugin enables the execution of custom javascript code during the  ITEM action performance. Much similar to what happens in my previous  plugin BattleEvents.. this one will let you execute code whenever an ITEM  ARMOR or WEAPON is...
  9. xDGameStudios

    How to get the name of the caller of a function?!

    Hi everyone! I'm trying something with no success :( Let's look at the function, for example: Game_Actor.prototype.isActor = function() { return true; }; I want to know the name of the function who called this one: So I looked up and it seems that what I need is...
  10. xDGameStudios

    [XDE] xDGameStudios Engine - AchievementSys v1.2 (UPDATE NEW!!)

    XDE_AchievementsSys +v1.2 xDGameStudios Introduction  This plugin enables the creation of a achievement system that helps the developers to create more in-depth game mechanic. Features All the help is provided in the help section of the plug in. Here is a copy of that section:  ...
  11. xDGameStudios

    High fan speed (MacBook Pro i5)

    I'm using a MacBook Pro i5, with a Intel Iris 1536 MB graphics card and 8Gb of RAM. When I test play my game the fan tends to speed up a lot and the computer gets hot! Even if the game is in a menu (less processing needed). Is it normal? Should I report it as a bug? Thank you!
  12. xDGameStudios

    [XDE] xDGameStudios Engine - BattleEvents (NEW 1.1)

    XDE_BattleEvents - v1.1 xDGameStudios Introduction  This plugin enables the execution of custom javascript code during the  action performance. This will enable the creation of more complex game  mechanics. Game variables and switches can be set and triggered upon the  execution of a...
  13. xDGameStudios

    Accessing Game_Battler (notes for notetags)

    I have a Game_Battler (target or subject from Game_Action).. and I want to return the $dataActors or $dataEnemy associated with him... depending on whether he is a actor or an enemy! The point is to access it's Info (for note tags). Is there a function for it?! How can I do it?!
  14. xDGameStudios

    [XDE] xDGameStudios Engine - CodeLanguage (NEW v2.0)

    XDE_CodeLanguage - v2.0 xDGameStudios Introduction Lets you implement a coded language much like the one seen in FFX (Al Bhed). You specify a mapping for each letter/number in the plugin properties window and if the plugin is activated all the message window text will get translated with...
  15. xDGameStudios

    [XDE] xDGameStudios Engine - ItemTypes (NEW v1.1) [ + Shop Sell Filter]

    XDE_ITEM_TYPES +v1.1 xDGameStudios Introduction RPG Maker MV doesn't let you create item sub-types, as it happens with weapons and armor. Only the typical, general item, key item, hidden 1 and hidden 2. This plugin lets you configure a total of 15 item sub-types (for example: Books...
  16. xDGameStudios

    Elemental "ATK" rate?

    Hi everyone ;) Can someone tell me where in the code can I access the elemental atk rate? (if there is one) as far as I can see the Elemental Rate in traits for weapons and armor just gives you the elemental vulnerability to a given element!! another thing not so much JS related is about the...
  17. xDGameStudios

    Drawing Icon the size of text height?!

    while using drawTextEx the size of the text can be changed but the size of the icons drawn to screen no... that can get a bit ugly... where should I go edit to make this happen? :) Thank you in advance :D I wanted the icons to follow the fontSize parameter (some how)
  18. xDGameStudios

    Buffs and Debuffs wear off after X turns?!!

    The effects under the items tab has a buff and debuff category, I'm trying to understand how the wear off code is executed and as far as I'm able to look I didn't find anything! What I mean is should the buffs stop after x turns!? where does RMMV uses this data effect.value2 is never used... 
  19. xDGameStudios

    number to string with sign?

    Is there any native or neat way to easily  convert number to string and give a sign to it? for example: 100 --> "+100" -10 --> "-10" I wanted to add a signal to the string for both negative and positive. Thank you in advanced. EDIT:   value = (value < 0) ? value.toString() : '+' +...
  20. xDGameStudios

    Accessing equipement of alive party members!

    I'm having some kind of trouble accessing the equipment (armor/weapons) of the alive party (battlers) members. how can i do this: $gameParty.battleMembers().aliveMembers()...can I do this?! another thing I wanted to ask is how to access the item scope.. there are functions for determine if a...

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