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  1. Megablackdragon31

    Hide actor command window during target selection.

    Sorry to bother yourselves,i want to ask for a plugin for hidding the actor command window only during the target selection. Excuse me for my bad english. PD: Im using these plugins (i will add more soon) Battle Windows Customizer Yep Battle Engine Core Mog Battle Cursor VE-BattleCommandWindow...
  2. Megablackdragon31

    Text Gradient

    Sorry to bother yourselves,i would like to ask for a plugin for adding gradient effects for text like this one. Image: The autor is not active since a long time so i cannot ask him to do it. I tried to do it...
  3. Megablackdragon31

    Little issue with Moghunter Battle Cursor.

    OOPS! This should be in the Support section,i dont know how to manage the forum new interface. Sorry to bother yourselves,i have a little issue with Mog Battle Cursor. It is not something really important but i dont like how it looks when i use a skill that targets all enemies/all allies...
  4. Megablackdragon31

    Arrow character fix for Mv.

    Sorry to bother yourselves. I want to request a plugin for changing the size of the arrow character like the one that exist for vxace. Excuse me for my bad english and greetings from Argentina. PD: im using YEP victory aftermath.
  5. Megablackdragon31

    Change the X,Y cordinates for damage popup.

    Sorry to bother yourselves,i want to request a plugin for changing the damage popup X and Y for enemies and actors in battle. In the enemies case looks aceptable,but the actors popup looks very off. Excuse me for my bad english and greetings from Argentina. Pd: I will use Yanfly Battle Engine,i...
  6. Megablackdragon31

    I cannot use Yanfly Engine Core

    Sorry to bother yourselves,i have a problem with this script: I tested a lot of script and they worked,except for this one. This is the error message i got: Pd: Tested the script in a clean project but nothing happened. Excuse me for my bad...
  7. Megablackdragon31

    Adding some windows to the Status Scene.

    Sorry to bother yourselves,it is posible to add a few windows to the Status Scene? I want to make some changes to the Status because the default looks horrible. Thanks in advance and excuse me for my bad english.
  8. Megablackdragon31

    Change Event Page Graphic (via script call)

    Sorry to bother yourselves... Im working in a farming system using self variables and galv respawn timer. But i have a problem... I want to use a difrerent graphic per crop,it is not currently possible because the event is made to run by pressing the action button so i cannot use the "Move...
  9. Megablackdragon31

    Moghunter Menu Cursor is not showing in Save Menu.

    Sorry to bother yourselves,i found a bug in this script. For some reason the cusor appear in all windows (including custom ones) but not in the save window. Excuse me for my bad English and greetings from Argentina...
  10. Megablackdragon31

    Remove skill types via states

    Sorry to bother yourselves,i want to know if there a script that remove temporally a skill type. The seal feature doenst convince me,because i want to create a frog state similar to Final Fantasy series. Excuse me for my bad English and greetigs from Argentina.
  11. Megablackdragon31

    Face in Actor Command Window scrolling issue

    Sorry to bother yourselves,i found a snippet made by Ventwig that allows you to put faces in actor command window. The problem is present when you try to add new commands,this is what happens when you scroll the window: As you can see,the face doesnt scrolls along with the commands...  Excuse...
  12. Megablackdragon31

    Exclude targets affected by a state

    Sorry for the inconvenience ... I would ask for a script that allows you to exclude targets (actors or enemies) affected by a state. I know the script Tsukihime "untargetable State" but that does not let you use a spell or object to remove it,it is very molesting to see actors taking damage or...
  13. Megablackdragon31

    Actor decription based on classes.

    Sorry for the inconveniences... I want to request a script that changes actor description in menu status based in character class,i tried to do it but scripting is not my strong point... Excuse me for my bad English and greetings from Argentina.
  14. Megablackdragon31

    Listra Pathfinder Module convertion.

    Sorry to bother yourselves... I want to know if it is possible to convert an old script made for rpg maker xp to the newest engine (rgss3) i tried to do it myself,but im not a scripter so i had no luck... Well,maybe this script could be usefull to anyone because it is is better than the default...

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