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  1. vivekchakraverty

    Fatal Collapse Item Formula

    What item formula can I use to ensure any enemy will collapse with just one hit. I don't know if it's a stupid question but the whole formula thing makes me feel uneasy!
  2. vivekchakraverty

    Seeing the Error Message "TypeError- Cannot read property 'height' of undefined." while testing Battles

    One particular battle is causing an issue in both Gameplay and during Preview. It shows the black screen with the error: " TypeError Cannot read property 'height' of undefined." Can anyone help me out?
  3. vivekchakraverty

    Problem When Outputting Game Without Unused Files

    I am having problems playing a game developed in RMMZ. When I am choosing a web deployment with the "Exclude Unused Files" option checked. I am getting the error, "Failed to load img/pictures/JoystickBase_Arrows_00.png" The error is probably being caused by the plugin PKD_MobileControls_MZ...
  4. vivekchakraverty

    There Seems To Be A Caching Problem in Play-testing

    The changes I am making to my game seem to take time to reflect in the gametesting in what can be described as a sort of caching i.e. the engine is carrying out code that i have since changed. Can anyone help?
  5. vivekchakraverty

    RMMZ Custom Weapons and Animation

    If I can at all add animations for spells and weapons, how do I do it?
  6. vivekchakraverty

    How to stop parallel events

    Suppose I begin a parallel event at game start, how can I stop it mid-game?
  7. vivekchakraverty

    Dynamically Changing Enemy Name Through Text Codes

    Is there any way I can dynamically change enemy names(between several) and string variables in the game output?
  8. vivekchakraverty

    Troops With Flying Animations

    Is there any way to have chasing troops through air?
  9. vivekchakraverty

    How To Ensure That A Dialog Based on Event Tile Happens only once

    Please let me know How To Ensure That A Dialog Based on Event Tile Happens only once?
  10. vivekchakraverty

    Player Cant Move After I Enabled Visu MZ Visual Text Window

    I remembered to place the top tier(0) at the top of the plugin manager, but after activating Visu MZ Visu Text Window, my player cant move and the party cant be seen. Please help.
  11. vivekchakraverty

    New Iconset

    Where do I place a new icon set and how do I know the index number of the new icons. Sorry if the question is elementary but I just cant find the answer,
  12. vivekchakraverty

    Is It Possible To Add More Than Two Hidden Items

    I want to add 4-6 hidden items as item drops while killing enemies. But there is provision for only Hidden Item A and Hidden Item B. I have just started using RMMZ so sorry for perhaps the stupid question.
  13. vivekchakraverty

    Changing The Magic Label

    Is there any way I can change the label of "magic" to items and skills. I am using the game in a sci-fi novel so the term magic is not particularly well suited. Any ideas?
  14. vivekchakraverty

    Jump Keyboard Button

    Well I know I can set custom jump moves, but I am at a loss as to what executes the move
  15. vivekchakraverty

    Details about Enemy Appears option

    I increased the number of permissible enemies(bosses), but when I try to preposition the bosses by using the Enemy Appears option box on the third page of the contents options in the event editor, the changes are not reflected. I only see 8 unnamed options appended by a question mark. The...
  16. vivekchakraverty

    multiple tilesets

    sorry, total noob here. I have a question. can I have multiple tilesets in the same map, perhaps by layers or areas? if yes how do I do it. Also how to as separate specific areas

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