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  1. Snarkyfork

    RMMV Need help with Moghunter Fast Travel plugin

    It's been a long time since I originally set this up and I am trying to change the town names in the fast travel scene in game. I changed the names in the .js file (shown below) but there not changing in game, I tried refreshing the moghunter fast travel .js in the plugin menu in MV but still...
  2. Snarkyfork

    Need help finding product key for MV

    I purchased a new PC and need to find my product key for RPG Maker MV. I purchased it through the RPG Maker site, not Steam. I always have trouble figuring out where to find my previously purchased content. You would think it could be found under account settings somewhere but apparently not...
  3. Snarkyfork

    RMMV How to set zoom on maps?

    Is there a script call or plugin command that can set zoom on maps? I would like the camera to be closer to the player on world maps.
  4. Snarkyfork

    It's ok to use MZ assets in MV projects?

    It's alright to use MZ assets in a commercial MV project as long as you purchase RPG Maker MZ, right?
  5. Snarkyfork

    RMMV Can you change screen tint in battle with Terrax Lighting?

    I've been using Terrax Lighting for sometime and I noticed some other lighting plugins let you change tint in the battle scene, is that possible with Terrax?
  6. Snarkyfork

    RMMV Need advice on enemy spawning mechanic

    What I am trying to do is create an event that spawns an enemy that gives chase when the player is close enough. Basically, the monster is invisible until the player gets close enough then when the monster detects the player (Yanfly Event Chase plugin) it turns visible and gives chase. If the...
  7. Snarkyfork

    RMMV Question about Yanfly YEP_SelfSwVar incompatibilities

    In the notes for the YEP_SelfSwVar plugin it says it has some incompatibilites: Does this mean that individual events that use the mini labels are not compatible or the entire plugin? Should I just remove these plugins completely?
  8. Snarkyfork

    RMMV To javasccript or not to javascript?

    I have a general question about javascript, I hope this is the right area to ask. I need the yanfly stealth plugin to flip a switch on or off in my game so I can implement a pickpocket event for NPC's. The problem is that the stealth script call that can be used in conditional branches doesn't...
  9. Snarkyfork

    Is there a script call for opening a name change menu?

    I recall seeing a name change menu somewhere, how do you access that? Ideally I would like the player to be able to change the characters name at the start of the game.
  10. Snarkyfork

    RMMV Problem applying Yanfly's Event Stealth to pickpocket event

    So i am making NPC events where a "pickpocket" option appears when they are clicked on when the player is in stealth mode. I recently replaced my old event-made stealth mode with the Yanfly Event Chase Stealth plugin and it has a script call that can be used in conditional branches to determine...
  11. Snarkyfork

    What is considered too many plugins?

    I know it's probably relative to which plugins you use, how much scripting or load they put on the game engine, and how well they work together... but I just want to get a general idea of how many plugins might be TOO MANY.
  12. Snarkyfork

    Looking for good sites to buy title screen artwork

    I found a site called 123rf that was kinda interesting, what I am looking for is a site that sells art work licenses for commercial projects. Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks.
  13. Snarkyfork

    Why are there two types of audio files?

    I see there are MPEG 4 and OOG (windows media player) files in the project folders but it seems it only uses one kind. What is the reasoning behind there being two types?
  14. Snarkyfork

    How can I calculate average party level for events?

    How would it be possible to calculate or create a variable that records the average level of all party members? Basically adding up the levels of party members 1-4 (their current class levels) then dividing it by 4.
  15. Snarkyfork

    How do update RPG Maker MV to the latest version?

    I assumed I could just re-download it but I can't seem to find the download links for content that I have purchased. I bought RPG Maker MV in 2018 I think on the old version of the shop site. Where can I access purchased content? Or is there another place to download the update?
  16. Snarkyfork

    Is 1.6.2 a recommened update from 1.6.1?

    I am currently on 1.6.1 of my project, are there any important reasons to update to 1..6.2? Does it perform a lot better? I have several plugins such as Olivia's Octopack Battle System that say they're tested only on 1.6.1 and I am not sure they would work correctly if I update. Is there a huge...
  17. Snarkyfork

    Sharp drop in FPS on all projects, please advise

    For the last week I have been trouble shooting my main project, thinking I had an event error or plugin conflict, because of a sharp drop in FPS (down to below 30 FPS) about every 15-20 seconds while play testing. I just realized that the drop isn't isolated to just my game but it seems to be in...
  18. Snarkyfork

    What is WebGL and how do I tell what version of RPG Maker I am using?

    What are the different "modes" and how do you switch between them? And how do I tell what version of RPG Maker my project is using (1.6.1 or 1.6.2 etc)?
  19. Snarkyfork

    RMMV Need recommendations for HUD plugin

    I have been using Mog Hunters actor and party HUD and it was easy to customize but there is a slight stutter in my game caused from a drop in FPS about every 10-15 seconds, I imagine it's from the HUD updating or something. What would be a good alternative to Mog's HUD? Something that shows...
  20. Snarkyfork

    RMMV Bug from using Olivia_OctoBattle and Olivia_StateTooltipDisplay together

    I have installed Olivia_OctoBattle.js and Olivia_StateTooltipDisplay.js and I noticed that the black background behind the character stats disappears when "window_battlesidestates" is set to TRUE in the parameters for Olivia_StateTooltipDisplay.js. If anyone is familiar with these plugins...

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