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  1. DecentTreatment

    MADO tool installation problems

    EDIT: oopsie, I figured it out already
  2. DecentTreatment


    Please PM me if you're interested in contributing. Link to game in signature.
  3. DecentTreatment

    RMMV LEGACY THREAD (Throne's early development)

    Hi everyone. This thread is being abandoned, mostly because the game doesn't reflect most of the discussion recorded here. Naturally, the game has changed throughout development. Follow me here for up-to-date info: When...
  4. DecentTreatment

    Troubleshooting RPG Maker 3 Music for MV

    Anyone here also own the rpg maker 3 music DLC for MV? The audio doesn't seem to loop properly even though it's .ogg, so I was wondering if someone else knew how to fix it. Thank you for reading!
  5. DecentTreatment

    Moghunter's Battler Motion Request

    Hi there! I'm using Moghunter's Battler Motion v1.8. I was wondering if someone could help me disable the shadows it draws under battlers with the "float effect", as there isn't an option for it in the parameters. A person who helps me with this will receive proper credit in my project :)
  6. DecentTreatment

    How would I make projectiles from the XAS battle system glow using Victor's light effects?

    I want to make a boss battle that is lit only by the character's torch and the boss's projectiles.  How would I make projectiles from the XAS battle system glow using Victor's light effects? The battle system being used: The lighting script being used...

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