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  1. matgraz

    RMMV How can i offset all the YEP_doodads in a map after i increase it's size?

    I'm using YEP's Doodads plugin on my game and I've recently had to resize my map 20 tiles Width and Height, but my doodads were all in the right place already, i want to find a way to move them all at once. I've opened the Doodads.js to mess with the position of doodads but i can't seem to tell...
  2. matgraz

    RMMV Is there anyway to set a % on 'add state x' action on YEPs action sequences?

    I have 3 different IF... statements inside my notetags, i want to have a different chance of adding a certain status depending on which one of these conditions you meet if $gameVariables.value(1) >= 11 && $gameVariables.value(1) < 21 animation 125: target change variable 3 = 1 action effect...
  3. matgraz

    RMMV YEP Action Sequence: How can i deal an action effect without using the line 'action effect' ?

    The title question might sound kinda silly, but here's the issue: - I'm trying to make an active deffense system, meaning that if the player hits the 'confirm' button at a right time during an enemie's attack animation, the playable character will do an 'evade' motion and take less% of the...
  4. matgraz

    RMMV Damage Calculation with SRD Sequence Input plugin

    This is a plugin that allows you to make a timed input to increase the damage/defense while in a YEP's action sequence. You actually write it in the action sequence notetags. Pretty cool stuff. It used to have a instructional video but it was pulled off and now i can't figure out how to make the...
  5. matgraz

    RMMV Altimit Pixel Movement Help - Random Movement

    I'm running into an issue that i can't seem to get around or find the fix inside the plugin: If you set an event to do Random movement route, it perfoms a lot of tiny pixel steps i don't know exactly why. I've been reading the plugin's original thread and they even say they fixed this problem...
  6. matgraz

    RMMV [SOLVED] I'm stuck in a BattleHUD issue during Enemy Select

    I'm using MOG_BattleHud and YEP_BattleEngineCore and i don't know exactly why during Enemy Select the Help text aligns so weirdly compared to the Help text during Skill Actually, i'd like to loose the Enemy Select window and Help window altogether and have just the Visual Selection (the name...
  7. matgraz

    How can run a Event: Show Picture loop during a battle while it plays?

    So i'm trying to have a Show Picture Loop be shown on the battle scene to serve as foreground animations, so i tried to run a battle event to call a common event with a loop ['Show picture' , 'Wait', 'Show Picture', etc] hoping i'd be able to resume the battle as usual, but i can't, the battle...
  8. matgraz

    RMMV How can i attach MOG_BattleCommands's ring around the character?

    I'm using MOG_BattleCommand and i would like to instead having it in a fixed position, having it use the actor in the active turn, as shown above In this mockup i made the Ring and the Command Name appear around the character position I don't know how easy it is to change that, so i'm...
  9. matgraz

    Full Screen Blur with Hand-drawn Character Help

    Questions about Full Screen Blur was probably asked a lot of times in this forum, but i think my issue is a little bit different since i've been hadn-drawing my assets. I haven't found a solution yet. This is my game so far (initial steps): I've been drawing the Character and SV_Actor assets...
  10. matgraz

    RMMV MOG_BattleHud image axis question

    I'm using MOG_BattleHud and i'm trying to figure out what is the reference of the image Layout.png and Face.png to draw its X,Y axis from. For e.g., the HP gauge draws its reference from the Layout.png position, so its 0,0 axis = the Layout.png X,Y, but i can't figure out what is the Layout.png...
  11. matgraz

    RMMV [SOLVED] Trying to make sense of MOG_BattleHud after setting my resolution to 1920 x 1080

    I'm having issues setting X and Y positions of some parameters inside Moghunter's Battle Hud, some of those you don't set by inputing the exact X,Y position in a 1920x1080 space, and i can't make sense of it without a LOT of trial and error. For example: The 'Custom Position' parameter, which...
  12. matgraz

    RMMV [SOLVED] Is there a simple way to change the SV Battler Image mid-Action Sequence?

    The title says it all: I want the character's battler file change during an action sequence. I want this because i draw my battlers myself, and i want to use that so i can expand the range of motions i have available for action sequencing. I've checked Yanfly's Tips and Trick video for...
  13. matgraz

    RMMV Bug with MOG_ATB + YEP_ActionSequences

    So i've installed Moghunter's ATB over my game with Yanfly's action sequences and i thought it was running pretty well, until i've realised the battlers doesnt play their motions right when it's the player's turn and it is on hold waiting for a action to be input. Otherwise, if the player...
  14. matgraz

    RMMV Need help customizing SRD Timed Attack - Clock + few questions

    Hey! I have a few customizations i'd to do on the SRD Timed Attack - Clock, i'm not sure if they are solvable by only troubleshooting, but i'll give it a shot. 1) I want 2 different damage zones, but only 1 input per clock. By default, when you create a second, third or more targets on the...
  15. matgraz

    RMMV Finer control of Battler Motion

    I'm not sure there's already a plugin for that, but i figure not so i'm requesting it here. I wanted to know if there are any ways that i could control the battler motion depending on specific moments. It might sound strange but let me explain with the video capture some examples of what i'd...
  16. matgraz

    RMMV How can i custom the basic Attack?

    I want to custom it so i can at least use a specific animation, i actually go to the 001 Skill and change the Skill Animation, but it doesnt changes in battle, my character (hitting unarmed) use one specific animation but the monster does another, but both are using the same skill for sure. I'd...
  17. matgraz

    Help making a pokemon trainer-npc like event

    I'm currently trying to make a NPC that behaves like the trainers in the pokemon games: if you pass in a area of tiles in front of them they'll trigger a battle. I actually got this working with a parallel event and a bunch of coditions (if looking in a certain direction). The only thing...
  18. matgraz

    Is there a way to play an animation BEHIND a sv_actor/enemy?

    The title says pretty much everything, i want to play an animation behind a target, its a special case, i'm trying to make that first leaf animation to play behind my character in the first pose with the open mouth, so i dont have to make it play so precise over the line Is there a way? Or...
  19. matgraz

    SV_Enemy showing under SV_actor?

    Its probably something standart in RPG Maker, but the sideview enemy has lower priority than the actors, this shows when i make a big sprite, it shows under the other actor and looks so dumb, i want the enemy to have layering priority whenever he attacks (same for the actors) I don't know if...
  20. matgraz

    How can i make SV actor move down in action sequence (or anything else really)?

    I'm composing the action sequence for my SV actor attack and i want to make him move DOWN while he does the attack motion (it's supposed to make him easy into the next pose). I've looked into yanfly's action sequence showcase, but didnt find no action sequence to move down, i've seen float/jump...

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