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  1. EatYourBeetS

    Spawning event with a parallel process/move route

    Hello everyone! I wanted to add to my game some enemies who can shoot projectiles. To do this I have created a database map with all the different kind of bullets stored as events, then I copy them to the current map with this method: The main problem is that I can't call it within a parallel...
  2. EatYourBeetS

    How to increase max system stack?

    Hi! In one of my games I need to check an area within dynamic borders and add it to a table, I'm using a recursive method: It works well enough until the area to check exceeds a certain value, in that case a SystemStackError is raised, I'm sure that this method is not repeated infinitely, so...
  3. EatYourBeetS

    EatYourBeetS Jump Script

    EatYourBeetS Jump Script v 1.0.3 Introduction This script allow you to jump any time by pressing a button, you can set Jump Button, Jump Se, and delay between jumps, as well as regions and terrain tag which are always "unjumpable" however the script already recognize most of the impassable...
  4. EatYourBeetS

    Check skill/item target during scene_battle

    Hi everyone, how can I access the target of a skill during Scene_Battle? I'm modifying Yanfly Visual Battlers(, I wanted for the actor to step forward only if the target is an enemy, and remaining still while guarding...
  5. EatYourBeetS

    PickPocket script

    Hi everyone, I thought about a mechanics I added some time ago to my game, a pickpocketing system, it was really ugly, lots of lines of setup for each event, so I decided to turn it into a script, I changed this into this: I am pretty satisfied with the result, so I thought I'd...
  6. EatYourBeetS

    Help with scene manager call

    Hello everybody! I created this method to be called from the damage formula of one item The damage formula passes target, minimum value, maximum value and item id. It all works quite good until the Wait part, it neither waits for an input nor returns to scene item, if I removed  the while...
  7. EatYourBeetS

    Making miss deal (a little) damage

    Hello! While playtesting my game I noticed my attacks missed a lot of times, even with just 5% chance to miss, I think a streak of bad luck, which is strangely likely to happen, would probably anger the player. I'd like to have every missing attack deal a certain amount of damage for example...
  8. EatYourBeetS

    Increasing weather effect

    Hi everyone! Can you please tell me how does the weather effect work? Snow in particular, I tried increasing the power in the default script: #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Set Weather Intensity...
  9. EatYourBeetS

    Use of copyrighted material

    Hello! I've searched a lot, but I haven't found anything clear enough about it yet, can I use a copyrighted song in one of my game sequences (Provided that I'll give credit and the game will be completely non commercial)?
  10. EatYourBeetS

    Face for a character

    Hello everybody! Could anyone please make me a face for this character?   Here's a "reference", if it can be of any help: I am not able to create a full helm from scratch while making it look cool enough  >_> , any help is greatly appreciated  :)
  11. EatYourBeetS

    Adding stats to actors

    Hello everyone!  I would want to add some extra stats (mhp2, mmp2, atk2, def2, mat2, mdf2, agi2, luk2), each  bound to an actor id, so that I could call them with $game_actors[actor_id].atk2 .  These stats would then be changed only using map events, so I just need to declare them (I think)...
  12. EatYourBeetS

    [Ace] Stealing from NPCs

    Hi there! This is my first post, I'm pretty sure I chose the right section, if not, I'm really sorry. I managed to create a script which lets the main character steal gold or items from NPCs, This is the common event: so I would only assign each NPC an "attention level" value, and then call...
  13. EatYourBeetS

    Well met!

    Hello everyone, my nick is EatYourBeetS, I'm Italian, I've bought rpg maker about 2 weeks ago, and I am having fun with it. :) I'm looking forward to improve my code and event scripting (I'm a bit used to C++ language, but Ruby is completely new to me :(  ), so I used this forum as reference...

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