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  1. pirateheart

    Using real school names and logos

    Is it OK to mention that a character attends a real life school and/or display its logo in a game without permission if the game is not for sale? e.g., can my character walk around wearing an Ohio State University shirt?
  2. pirateheart

    Featuring real firearms in your game

    Is there a problem with featuring the likeness and real names of firearms in a non-commercial game? What about using the physical likeness but using a made up or generic name like "a .45 semi-auto pistol" for a 1911?
  3. pirateheart

    How to create a horror RPG?

    How do you make an RPG scary? I've always been intrigued with making a scary RPG but I'm having trouble coming up with game mechanics in my head. There are countless horror games made with RPG Maker but the ones I've come across tend to play like adventure games or visual novels (e.g., Mad...
  4. pirateheart

    HP or TP replenished when equipping a weapon.

    Would someone please make a plugin that makes it so that certain weapons automatically refill the MP or TP gauge when equipped? Thanks. Edit: I meant to type "MP" in the title, not HP.
  5. pirateheart

    Request for a space marine sprite for MV.

    I'd like to request a walking sprite sheet for a futuristic space marine-type character in the style of MV default sprites. The armour should be relatively light or medium weight, as opposed to being heavy or bulky (e.g., please no Warhammer 40K or Gears of War-type armours). The sprite should...
  6. pirateheart

    Need help with a character concept.

    So I'm trying to think up of a Carrie-type character. I've make up a bunch of psionic-based skills that do things like break bones, crush enemies with objects, telekinetically throw knives and sharp objects at enemies and other violent crap like that. :P Obviously, for gameplay reasons I...
  7. pirateheart

    Can I make projectiles not go through walls in Pearl ABS Liquid?

    I've tried setting Tool Through to false but that makes the projectiles not hurt enemies as well. :/
  8. pirateheart

    Help, new to RPG Maker series.

    Is there anyway I can assign multiple layers of terrain tags to a tile? I am currently using terrain tags for shadow effects but I also need terrain tags for a stealth script I am using. Is it possible to make terrain tags not overwrite each other?

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