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  1. EdithHyde

    MogHunter's Weather + Other questions

    First of all, I'm not a programmer and I don't pretend to be one. I'm only a map designer and an artist, I am actually playing around to make my maps work on the game and be sure to realize something very very good looking. But of course, since as I said I'm not a programmer, I do have questions...
  2. EdithHyde

    [YEP GridFree Doodads] With animations?

    Pretty noob about all this stuff you know. I can't find a proper tutorial to this, but I have an animated falling leaf I do really want to see in my map. So I know it is possible with YEP's plugin but dunno why it can't load? I mean, in the menu my animation just does not appear. Someone can...
  3. EdithHyde

    [YEP GridFree Doodads] F10 not working

    Guys I'm going crazy about this. ; ; I'm working on RMMV from my laptop these days, and finally I came up with the use of the doodads once again. The problem is that I can't use F10 to open the main menu! Okay, honestly I don't think it's because of the plugin, my laptop just open screen setup...
  4. EdithHyde

    YEP Message Core + RS Text Align Issue!

    Okay, actually I'm using YEP Message Core + RS Text Align plugin to create a centered personalized text. What's the issue? I can't wrap the text correctly. I tried anything in my mind to fix this but I'm not a programmer, I'm a mapper, I'm just tryin' to play here and here to understand...
  5. EdithHyde

    BindPicturesToMap's causing a little problem!

    Okay, I have to admit it's my fault because the plugin I think it's perfect, buuut. I got a map that is 30x31 and I've done anything in the tutorial I fount to connect all the images. The tutorial is this: The only thing that change it's that I used YEP_RegionRestrictions to able the character...
  6. EdithHyde

    Hello cuties ~

    Hello to everyone! I'm Edith, or Fei, and first of all I'm sorry for my bad english! I'm new to RM, just bought MV a week ago and I'm totally into it trying to do my best to create my game. I think to be a little good at making maps ( with & without parallaxing, included shadows and lights )...

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