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  1. Virgo

    Map Effects

    Well i now know that i can give my character some LSD and make this happen.  xD
  2. Virgo

    Cool intro music

    Those are really good,i am into heavy metal tho. So the thing is,i see those like this: 1st:A guy with his headphones listening to this,rain is falling and the zombies come out of nowhere and the rampage starts. 2nd:It sound like its made for some bad ass vampire/werewolf movie.You know,those...
  3. Virgo

    [Tutorial] Werewolf transform - No scripts!

    Nice man,this is really awesome. I was just wondering,why did you set speed to -20? I mean,since he is gonna transform into a werewolf you could give him some good stats. Just to make it seem like it is a werewolf. Now if you intended it to be some old werewolf i would understand. :D
  4. Virgo

    Cool intro music

    Cool thing bro. You could share some if not a problem?
  5. Virgo

    Can anyone make a Deadpool sprites?

    I will use those sprites,ill just cut them in half and repaint into black and blue,its not a big deal since i have been practicing in gimp. All tough i can also try to make new sprites,that is,if i practice even more. I apologize for my poor English. and Happy new year 2016 woohoo :D ps...
  6. Virgo

    Can anyone make a Deadpool sprites?

    So i am working on a mini game that includes Deadpool,you know,like he knows he is in the game and he talks to you and stuff, its still work in progress tho. So if anyone would be kind enough to make his sprites? And if you could make him both in red,blue and black color. Happy new year :D  
  7. Virgo

    Cool intro music

    So i found this guy on Youtube and he is freaking amazing,though i can't get a replay from him if i can use his song in my games. Here is the link of one of his amazing songs. If anyone can contact him and ask for a permission it would be nice.
  8. Virgo

    Tilesets that can kill you

    I am sure it dose :D Happy new year.
  9. Virgo

    Tilesets that can kill you

    I feel so stupid right now .-. Shame one me Thanks for the help
  10. Virgo

    Tilesets that can kill you

    -Hello           -So,i am working on a project,and there is a maze i am making with a floor that can kill you,not just reduce hp to 1, and i seem to have a problem with doing so.    -I just want to know how can i do it? Thank in advance.
  11. Virgo

    50% chance to die after using a skill

    WOW.That was fast,thanks
  12. Virgo

    50% chance to die after using a skill

    So i made a skill called rapture and every time you cast that skill you have 50% chance to die, but the problem is i dont know how to make it work like that. Do i need a script or something,can somone tell me please. Thanks and sry on my bad english.
  13. Virgo

    Need help with large sprites in open world

    I was using that sprite as an example,i also know how to fix that now.
  14. Virgo

    Newbie trying to do cutscene with animation

    I also wanted to know this. ty 
  15. Virgo

    Need help with large sprites in open world

    Hi all i new to the rpg maker vx ace and i need some help for my first game.I want to add large monster(chicken)sprites in the open world and everytime i want to add a sprite that is not just a little square,it starts glitching and it just shows part of the sprite. helpp2.bmp helppp.bmp

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