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  1. cabanas_ds

    RMMZ please delete thread

    edit: solved
  2. cabanas_ds

    RMMZ Help with Gamepad controller using Right Joy Pad.

    I need help (if it's even possible) with a Gamepad Controller setup.. Using the right joy stick as mouse point direction & using R2 as the mouse click (shoot) button. In combination with Galv's Map Projectiles MZ. (This mechanic is very important to my game) I asked Galv myself and he said...
  3. cabanas_ds

    Time counting system stops counting (What am I doing wrong?)

    I have a Day / Night System that I have set up that is basically a time counter running as a common event. Which is triggered by an event on the map to start on parallel at the start of the game. I used the LvL up Design tutorial to do this events only system & it works great! () (Lvl up...
  4. cabanas_ds

    Push event

    Can u push an event? Like walk into an NPC & they are moved out the way.
  5. cabanas_ds

    RMMZ Player Faint instead of Game Over

    Hey guys, I would love of my player could faint & be transferred to a hospital upon HP reaching 0 or below instead of hitting the game over screen. I currently take damage from hits on map & would prefer to faint & tranfer rather than having the game end. Can anyone help?
  6. cabanas_ds

    RMMZ Events Move Core Script to move not working.

    New game / new project ect. I can't seem to get the script to work: Move To: (name tile location) I've attached a picture of me trying to use the command. Please help. I just want to use this function! <-- (youtube link)
  7. cabanas_ds

    RMMZ Events and Movement Core VisuStella MZ (scripts not working)

    Every time I do script commands. No matter where. They don't seem to be working. <Save Event Location> doesn't work no matter where you place it, on the map or on the event. Everything always gets reset. In Autonomous Movement > Custom Route > Script: Move to, 11,3. (for example) Doesn't...
  8. cabanas_ds


    I wanted Joe Rogan be a character you can battle in my game. Then I thought it would be even funnier if some of ya'll wanted Joe to show up in some of your games as-well. Since Joe signed that $100,000,000 Spotify deal, he seems to have entered the big time. Now it's time for him to enter the...
  9. cabanas_ds

    RMMZ (RPG Maker MZ) Error MSG when using VisuMZ_0_CoreEngine?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forum. I couldn't find an MZ section. No plugins except the core engine. No major events just people joining and leaving parties & and transitioning across some basic maps. Essentially a new game. Fresh install of both RPG Maker MZ & the plugins I...
  10. cabanas_ds

    Stop dissapearing NPC event after removed from party!

    Hey guys, I'm new to RPG Maker MV & I'm having troubles stopping the NPC from disappearing once you have removed them from your party. I have set it up so when you speak to the NPC they join your party. Then when you talk to another NPC they are removed from the party. & Speaking to them...

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