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  1. Weapon & Armor Class Bonus

    Hello, I'm looking for a script that would give certain classes bonus stats when equipped with a certain weapon and/or armor. Example: A White Mage equips a Healing Staff. That White Mage should receive a +10 MP and +1 MP Regen bonus, every other class that can equip this weapon should not...
  2. [VXAce] Yanfly Event Window and VLU Random Weapons Compatibility

    Hello, Would someone please assist me in making these two scripts compatible with each other? Yanfly Event Window: VLU Random Weapons: The problem is, the prefixes do not appear on the bottom left hand (event window) whenever I obtain a random weapon/armor from say a chest. Thanks for...
  3. Load Notes from Text Files

    Hey guys I'm looking for a copy of mrbubblewand's Load Notes from Text Files script. The link is dead and I can't find it anywhere online. Victor has one similar for MV but I would like it for VX Ace...
  4. Need help with a script - Seal by Weapon/Armor Type

    Hey guys, I could really use some help with this script as I really want to implement it to my project. Unfortunately I don't have any scripting experience and am having issues getting this script working on a blank project. The error is "line 131 nomethoderror occurred. undefined method scan...

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