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  1. Game & Map Screenshots 7

    @ksjp17 i see what you mean, looks great with the tint, i'll have a look into that, great map btw. thanks.
  2. Game & Map Screenshots 7

    thanks @necro, better? i think so.
  3. Game & Map Screenshots 7

    totally re-did my latest map, prefer the colours this time around. any feedback welcome.
  4. Game & Map Screenshots 7

    thanks stashiner I'll get to work on that :)
  5. Game & Map Screenshots 7

    added light and more on the grass and around the well, couldn't get the path to look the way i wanted....
  6. Game & Map Screenshots 7

    What do you guys think of this map I made? Too much flora maybe?
  7. Game & Map Screenshots 7

    @jestdev looks really good, a small note and maybe it's just me the windows and pictures on the back wall look like they don't fit well with the wooden beams the beams pertrude from the wall a bit but the pictures are flat and look as though they should be on the flat part of the wall rather...
  8. Game & Map Screenshots 7

    thanks for the advice guys
  9. Game & Map Screenshots 7

    Thanks for the feedback guys, I used celianna's tileset but had to custom the water ones. @necrology I did scale the crates and barrels, is this a no go?
  10. Game & Map Screenshots 7

    New to rpg maker, my first ever map. not finished yet, still need to add npc's and entrance and exits.

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