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  1. Android: Lollipop (5.0) and up only?

    After getting a small app to run on my wife's phone, I tried on a old tablet (thanks people warning me to try a friend's first :) ) The tablet runs kitkat, and the app fails to start because web audio api isn't installed. I can update the browsers to the latest builds of Chrome and Firefox...
  2. Recommendations for low cost tablet?

    Now that I can develop for Android, I (and probably others) need a tablet for testing. Looking for an inexpensive tablet with deliberately low specs but that won't break when my cat sneezes on it. I've spotted a few likely candidates on Amazon, but was wondering if anyone here has any good or...
  3. Diablo 2 mechanics combat scripts - examples

    With the release of MV I'm jumping back into the RPG Maker pool. These are the scripts I created for my old Ace project. I'm putting them here to give some examples of what can be done to the games basic combat system with a little creativity. I also changed a bunch of window stuff to show the...
  4. So, where do I find the combat code?

    Hey all.  Looking nice, new, and shiny. Where do I start looking to understand where the combat system lives? In Ace I would overwrite the Game_BattlerBase, Game_Battler, BattleManager, etc... Where do all these guys live in MV? I get that I need to overwrite them via plugins, but seeing...
  5. Good article on story-telling in games

    Got a link to this yesterday, just got around to reading it. An interesting article on how to write/create a story driven game - what are the important elements to have, and what things to avoid. The author lists some recent games and where he feels they failed. To The Moon is held up as one of...
  6. Dammerung: Requiem for Tomorrow

    If you knew everything you loved and held dear was going to be destroyed: Could you find the courage to fight for it anyway? Welcome to Dammerung: Requiem for Tomorrow. Playable Demo:  Download HERE Space for link to a manual I hope to write soon. Anybody on this site shouldn't have any...
  7. Looking for Female mouths without fangs

    First, let me get this out of the way: My project is (or will be, Goddess willing and the creeks don't rise) commercial, so if we need to talk terms, PM me and we can do that. I'm not asking for exclusive use as I feel there's probably a lot of other folks who could use them as well. (and "Women...
  8. Script calls for shop processing?

    I noticed Archeia closed the one thread and made a nice new shiny one with most of the event commands and their script equivalents, but somehow this one didn't make the list: and it would be really helpful for me right about now. I'm assuming the event calls the Scene_Shop.prepare method, but...
  9. A mouse pointer icon

    I'm looking for a nice and simple, free to use commercially (gladly give you credit and copy of game), mouse pointer icon. Something that looks like the system cursor icon, or that icon without its 'tail' would be wonderful. A lightly colored chevron pointing to the right (to distinguish it...
  10. Kickstarter do's and don'ts: Pantheon vs. Star Citizen.

    I just happened to to feel like checking out how Pantheon is doing (or not doing) today. It seems to have stalled at under $150k. Much less than Brad was even able to get for the Kickstarter (that 'giving to a doomed project' thing). OTOH, you have Star Citizen, where money is falling like manna...
  11. Stats on shop screen - need layout ideas

    I've finally gotten the status and equipment screens functional in my game, so I'm turning to the shop windows. Here's a screenie of the status screen: The middle column shows the stats most affected by equipment. Accessories do affect the stats in the first column though, along a few other...
  12. Holy Source Code Batman! Unreal's new license?

    I can't believe I missed this. I stumbled on it checking the Unity page to verify something for my blog post and found this. Unreal is releasing the full C++ source code of their engine and editing tools for $19/month. If you never make a game with it, just being able to study that code (some...
  13. RM & GPL-Why it doesn't work&Why you should care

    I've noticed a few scripts being posted here that upon examination are released under the GPL license (version doesn't matter). The 'currency' script is the one that caught my eye, but I believe there are others as well. IIRC, someone posted artwork under the GPL... I'm not against "open source"...
  14. Disable Player Input - easy/graceful way?

    I've got a 'cutscene' with a lot of evented character movement with dialog interspersed here and there. If the player touches the keyboard though and moves the character at the wrong time, the whole thing goes to pot pretty quickly. I can see a way to do it (I think) by overriding move_by_input...
  15. Good book/resource for writing screenplays: recommendations?

    I was talking to my wife, who is a writer, and I asked her about her writing workshops (she participates in some and moderates at least one) and if she thought they would help me. She said they wouldn't because I'm not really writing a story - I'm writing a screenplay. I had never really...
  16. What are the Terms of Use for this product and why can't I find them on the webpage?

    Before I look at features, pretty pictures, or anything else I need to know what the terms of use are for the software (RPG Maker) and for software created with it. Look at any other game engine/development tool website: Unreal (Indie version), C4, Ogre, Torque, Realmcrafter, etc... They all...

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