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  1. DeaSy_Production

    mv3d the background/parallaxes

    Hello everyone, I have a question. Is there a plugin compatible with mv3d, to play video in the background of the map?
  2. DeaSy_Production

    RMMV general events

    Hello everyone, could you give me a plugin or an idea. So that from a mobile game, there are additional buttons on the screen, that would cause common events when pressed.
  3. DeaSy_Production

    Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, need help

    If you have a couple of extra minutes, check out my video. And evaluate the translation, is it possible to catch the essence of what is happening? warning: This content contains obscene language. Thanks a lot in advance. Please help because my english is far from normal. This is a mobile...

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My hand hurts from holding the pen for so many hours none stop...:kaocry:
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I have to ask, who's on your pfp? The character really reminds me of Edgeworth from Ace Attorney lol. I'm really curious.

I'm trying to port L10nMV.js into XP, may probably (because this is my toy project in hobby) coming to XP, VX, VXA.

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Here's a gif of the reflection. Ace has some pretty cool sprite effects.

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