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  1. Crispy-Ghee

    Crispy Art

    I love doing art and I'm doing a bunch of things outside of work since I'm working on my RPG and another project, so I figured I should post stuff!   Some concepts and illustrations for a graphic novel I've been working on:  A Concept Illustration for the RPG I'm working on Hope...
  2. Crispy-Ghee

    Parallax Mapping vs Traditional Mapping

    ((I hope this is in the right area, and if it's not, I'm sorry and please feel free to remove)) I just wanted to hear the opinions from people in the community.  When I did a couple of projects a few years ago in VXAce, I did parallax mapping quite a bit because i liked having better control...
  3. Crispy-Ghee

    Hi, everybody!

    Hi guys! My name is Ghee, and I'm a long time lurker. I first got RPGMaker VXACE 5 years ago and spent a lot of time sifting through the forums for awesome tutorials and resources since then. I recently got RMMV when I decided I would finally attempt to make my first full length RPG. It's a big...

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My hand hurts from holding the pen for so many hours none stop...:kaocry:
Froggo32 wrote on Soulrender's profile.
I have to ask, who's on your pfp? The character really reminds me of Edgeworth from Ace Attorney lol. I'm really curious.

I'm trying to port L10nMV.js into XP, may probably (because this is my toy project in hobby) coming to XP, VX, VXA.

Learn more about L10nMV.js :
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Here's a gif of the reflection. Ace has some pretty cool sprite effects.

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