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  1. MRD256

    Character Generator Problems

    I don't know if I'm posting this in the right forum, so please correct me if not But I'm having an issue with RPG Maker MV's character generator. Whenever I try to adjust the skin tone of females... it doesn't change from the default skin tone. It only does this on the TV and TVD sprites, Face...
  2. MRD256

    Deleting the Save file after Game Over?

    Does anyone know if there's a plugin that can delete the current save file if you Game Over? I know I can just not allow the player to save, but the game is kinda long, and I'd rather not have the player play several hours in one sitting, unless they want to of course. So I'd at least like them...
  3. MRD256

    Battle options at te push of a button

    Does anyone know any good plugins that allow you to have all your basic commands (Attack, Guard, Skills, Wait, etc.) at the push of a button like in Persona 5? And able to scroll through target enemies when you're not in the Skill/Item window? This is for RPG Maker MV.
  4. MRD256

    Random Death interval with Yanfly Buff&States Core

    In my project, I'm using Yanfly's Buff&States core plugin and I have a state that acts like poison to an actor's MP, but I also want this state to possibly kill the actor based on a random interval. Say for example, it generates a random number between 1-50 and if the number is >= 40, it kills...
  5. MRD256

    Alternate Basic Attack Skills

    Does anyone know any good plugins for changing what skills certain actors use as their basic attack skill? For RPG Maker MV
  6. MRD256

    Replacement for MAT & MDF

    I'm trying to make a realistic-style game without Magic (in RPG Maker MV) I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what I could replace MAT & MDF with (in other words, what to rename them to and what else to use them for). I wanted to try an omit them from the project, but it's hard since...
  7. MRD256

    Sprite and Battler from non-RPG maker

    Can someone turn this girl into a TD Sprite and SV Battler for me? I have other characters I wanted done too, but I just want this girl for now. If you can do the other characters, let me know and I'll send them to you. Try and recreate her to the best of your ability. I'm not looking for 100%...
  8. MRD256

    Earth World Map

    Can someone make me a world map of Earth for RPG Maker MV? A field map. I want the width to be 500 and the height can be however as tall as you need it to be, also give the player enough room on the map to wonder around. Recreate the terrain as best you can to be accurate with the different...
  9. MRD256

    Bear Battler Sprite MV

    I'm looking for a battler sprite for a grizzly bear in RPG Maker MV. I'd really appreciate it if someone could make something or link me to something. I'd also like it if it could work in a side view battle. Thank you. :)
  10. MRD256

    MV Special Child Sprite

    I'm looking for a special child sprite for MV. I've been looking all over for Kid Generator parts but I can't find any. The kid I'm looking for has the hair and clothes of this sprite, but resized to fit the kid sprite. Edit: I forgot to add. I'm looking for TV and TDV, but I don't need SV.
  11. MRD256

    Bug caused by new update

    So I just updated to MV 1.6.0, but every time I try to play test, I get this error message: I have no idea what this means! Someone please explain or fix this! EDIT: Even if I revert it back to 1.5.0, I still get this message
  12. MRD256

    VXAce Female Cloth 17 to MV Generator

    Can anyone make a version of VXAce's Generator Female Clothing 17 for MV's Generator? TV, TVD, and SV.
  13. MRD256

    Switches that stay on perminatly

    Is it possible for there to be a plugin that allows switches to remain ON forever. In other words, say a switch is turned ON, that switch remains on even should the game close. How I picture it being set up is I can but a string of Switch IDs in a plugin parameter, and when one of those listed...
  14. MRD256

    [RPMV] Removing the MP Number from the Battle Screen

    I was wondering if there's a way, and how, to remove the MP number from the battle screen. In other words, keep it from being displayed. I'm using MV v1.5.1 and using Yanfly Core Engine v1.24 and Yanfly BattleStatusWindow v1.08.
  15. MRD256

    Your dream Superpower

    If you could have a superpower, what would it be and your reasons behind it? No limitations, it literally can be anything! (but don't troll us with something lame) For me, it would be Telekinesis. I could move literally anything! I can bind my foes in place, lift 10 ton weighted things with...
  16. MRD256

    Actor Graphic Change on Equipment

    I'm looking for a simple plugin that can change an actor's graphic (Top-Down and Battler) depending on what equipment they have on. I've tried using Rexal's Visual Equipment plugin but it's just a little to complicated for me. I also plan on just using 1 equipment slot to put said equipment in...
  17. MRD256

    MV Face Graphic Changer

    Here's something simple. Can someone make (or direct me) to an MV plugin that changes Actor's Face Graphics when they're below the HP Crisis level (when the numbers turn yellow), and change them back when they go above that level. This is so I can change the graphics to a hurt face when they're...
  18. MRD256

    What's your protagonist?

    What kind of protagonist do you look for in an RPG, or anything for that matter. Do you like protagonists that are goofy, clumsy, funny, serious, an anti hero, have a tragic or moving back story, or anything else you can think of. For me, I like protagonists that are playful and cheerful, but...
  19. MRD256

    Sci-Fi or Old Fashioned?

    Which do you prefer? Modern Day/Sci-Fi Themed RPGs (with machines an things of the sorts), or Old Time-ish/Medieval Fantasy RPGs (with no machines), or even a mix of both (where only higher classed nations can use machines) For me, I like Sci-Fi themed RPGs since they have cooler looking...
  20. MRD256

    Blush Balloon Icon Extention

    Hey I'm looking for a Blushing Balloon Icon for MV. It would look something like this: Its icon would be "///" without the quotes. They are also red and appear one after in other quickly. If there already is something like this, please redirect me to it.

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