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  1. Spriter Plugin

    Ok, think I fixed it. Looks like this code had "_spriteMask" instead of "_spriterMask" in line 329 of the Javascript file. I also added trim() function to the 1st two params to get of additional spaces.
  2. Spriter Plugin

    So I got this working with an actor, but when I try it with an event using random movement I receive the following error: I'm using this in the event that is causing the error: This is the actor info that works: Any Ideas why this wouldn't be working? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Eli's Book

    I'm having an issue where when people download my game from google drive with this plugin, the name gets changed to "Eli_s_book.js". It seems to work when it gets renamed back to "Eli's_book.js", but you might consider distributing it without an apostrophe.
  4. RMMV Dragonbones Display index issue (Kelyep DB, and Olivia Dragonbones Event Pictures)

    Just to add to this it seems like it is when I have multiple meshes in a group. When I switch from between them with a display index it only displays inconsistently. Any ideas?
  5. RMMV Dragonbones Display index issue (Kelyep DB, and Olivia Dragonbones Event Pictures)

    Hello! I'm having an issue where my dragonbones animation is working properly in the editor, but when I import it into my game the blinking eye animations dont work. I believe that I have isolated it to the fact that I am using the display index within the animation to change the "Eyelid" mesh...
  6. Best inventory screen?

    I'm looking for some inspiration for a good inventory screen. Does anyone know (or better yet can share a screenshot) of an rpgmaker game that made a really slick, cool, functional or creative inventory screen? Thanks!
  7. Path To Ruin - Intro Cutscene Completed!

    Wow, even better then!
  8. Path To Ruin - Intro Cutscene Completed!

    Love the trailer and the artwork looks beautiful. I'd agree on cutting the last section from the trailer. Also might be nice to have some kind of closing image or statement, it ends sort of abruptly. If I were to offer some constructive criticism it is that the gameplay itself looks kind of...
  9. RMMV add skills to status menu?

    Maybe does anyone know how I could push the individual scenes for Skills, Status menu, Attributes et? Then I could just make a custom choice menu and have each choice run a script to push the scenes?
  10. RMMV add skills to status menu?

    Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place! Please advise and I will move it... Does anyone know how I can add the skills page to the status menu? I can access the skills menu from the main menu, but I can't figure out a way to add it as a submenu of the status menu. This is a bummer...
  11. Spriter Plugin

    @KanaX thanks! Ill try it right now
  12. Spriter Plugin

    Questions for anyone who has some experience with this plugin: I wanted to use it to make sprites be able to change clothes programmatically. For example, event 1 is a townsperson base sprite, and then a random number determines whether they are wearing a red or blue hat. Would that work...
  13. Iavra Animate Everything (+ Easing Library)

    Not sure if I'm still allowed to post on this thread, but I have a question: how do I delay the start of a tween? I have 3 pics that I want to tween at different intervals, so would be helpful if I could use the delay method, but I don't really understand how. Here is my existing code: var...
  14. (MV Conversion) MUSH Audio Engine - Spatial Audio/Voice Acting/New Channels/etc

    Great job on this and thanks! Looking forward to trying it out tonight.
  15. advantage of eventing over javascript?

    Maybe I just need to be better organized... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  16. advantage of eventing over javascript?

    General question: Is there any advantage to using common events over javascript functions? I don't mean that to be snarky at all, my coding background is in VBA with Microsoft products (which I think is somewhat analagous to RPGMaker and Javascript). By default I try to use built in...
  17. MUSH Audio Engine - Spatial Audio/Voice Acting/New Channels/etc.

    Count me in as someone interested in seeing this for MV! @Featherbrain were you able to get a working version that you can share? Sorry if that's bad form to ask for a modified MV version on your thread, props to @MushroomCake28 for making the original plugin! Also love your compositions :)
  18. first person weapon animation

    Thanks @stramin , that helps! Think I am able to get the effect I'm looking for.
  19. first person weapon animation

    Thanks for your reply @stramin ! I'm already doing it on the front view, but I suspect it is different than simply an animation. There is an arrow that comes from off the bottom of the screen and than hits the target and turns into an animated flame. I'm guessing it is a move picture event...
  20. RMMV Petal Knights - Playable Now!

    @EuphemiaArtoria really love the game and the whole gossip combat idea! I'm trying to incorporate something similar in my own game and was wondering if you could elaborate a little on how you made it work? Is the tea and candor enemy HP and MP repurposed with battle event programming or did...

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