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  1. Austrian

    Anyway to add Custom Class Parameters in MZ?

    Hello all, Is there a way to setup custom growth parameters for classes in MZ, similar to YEP Base and Class parameters in MV? I like to setup a formula for growth base parameters and experience levels per class. But haven't been able to figure out how to do this in MZ. I do have VisuStella's...
  2. Austrian

    How to check if skill is being used in battle

    Hello, I am trying to check to see if battler is using a certain skill so that a certain condition triggers. I thought the script call was user.currentAction().item( === x, with x being the skill ID. However whenever I use this i get the error code saying "item is undefined. " for more...
  3. Austrian

    Storing Actor to a Variable from User Choice

    Hello, Is there a way to store a user choice to a variable? For example, if user chooses to remove actor A from the party, is there a way to store that actor ID into a variable and later re-add him back to the party by using the variable? Thanks.
  4. Austrian

    RMMV Kingdoms of Conflict: The Void Within

    Kingdoms of Conflict: The Void Within Foreword Hey all, this is my first official RPG Maker game. I actually started this project awhile back but somehow ended up losing the file due to the save being corrupted so I had to start over. Needless to say, lesson learned (backup, with backup, and...
  5. Austrian

    Shield Block?

    hey everyone, I was wondering is there a way to add blocking mechanics in MV? Or if anyone know if there's a plugin? Any info is appreciated thanks!

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