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  1. what's RPG Maker MZ scripting language?

    "I can't find information about MZ scripting language." I think the OP is asking what the name of the EVENT Scripting language is - the scripting language you make by choosing things from the even menus...
  2. How to import an MV project to MZ?

    I guess I'm kinda dense. I made a new project in MZ I copied all the folders as indicated in the upgrade guide When I open MZ there's only the default map and no plugins (not even the category markers which are basically blank js files). Basically nothing got carried over or the project file...
  3. RMMZ Using Variable and Switch Names Instead of Index Numbers

    Oops sorry - I wasn't requesting a plugin - I was wondering if the functionality already existed. Yes, I use both MV and MZ, both with a variety of plugins. This was a question about MZ but it looks like the functionality is not available in MV either.
  4. RMMZ Using Variable and Switch Names Instead of Index Numbers

    Having to remember the number of the variable is a huge pain - is there a way to access the variable using its name instead of its index number? For instance, instead of having to remember that the number of cats is held in Variable 247 (\V[247]) can I just say \V[numCats], assuming I have...
  5. RMMV More Rows Or Pages For Yanfly Actor Variables?

    Well, I increased the game resolution to 1280x720 and now I have 4 columns of 11 rows, so 44 variables - that should be enough!
  6. RMMV More Rows Or Pages For Yanfly Actor Variables?

    Hi! I'm using the Yanfly ActorVariables plugin. It gives me 4 columns of 8 for a total of 32 entries I can display. What if I want to display more than 32 variables? Can I make a second page? Can I make more rows? Can I make the font smaller so I could fit another row? I'm using the default...
  7. Help with Dragonbones - attack animation loops instead of going back to idle

    sorry, I searched the forum for similar posts and they appeared in the general topics forum so that's where I posted. I'll make sure they go in this forum next time though - thanks for helping me. Somebody in another forum helped me out - in DragonBones - in the animation editor, named...
  8. Help with Dragonbones - attack animation loops instead of going back to idle

    So when i fight the monster, the graphics loads and the IDLE animation is played.. until the monster attacks.. then the attack animation is played and keeps looping as the idle animation INSTEAD of the idle animation. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
  9. RMMV Help with Yanfly's Durability PLugin

    I made a consumable armor kit that repairs my armor and works properly.. but ONLY if I use: <Repair Durability: 10> or <Repair Armor: 10> If I use: <Repair AType Leather: 10> To repair a certain armor type, the repair item is not listed. TIA

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