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  1. Matombo

    [Bug] [Linux] "Open Folder" doesn't work

    I'm using Manjaro Linux with KDE Plasma 5 which uses kde-open5 to determine standard applications which is in my case Dolphin as file browser and Firefox as web browser. Qt lib is version 5.8. In the menu "Game->Open Folder" and "Help->Contents" don't work giving the error in the console: I...
  2. Matombo

    Member+ not working

    Hi, so i bought member+ so since i want to try it out first and not prolonge it automatically i canceled it imediatly afterwards, because the 3 month i paid it still should stay active but now i don't have access to the member+ forum anymore also i was dumb enough to use the browser...
  3. Matombo

    Bug with support requests

    When you click a member+ subscription in you puchases list, and then the "new support requests"  button you get to a form you cant send because it requires you to select a department in a dropdown menue but this one is empty
  4. Matombo

    Member+ without Credit Card

    I found some topics on this but i didn't what to necropost but still ask. Are there any plan to make Member+ available in Germany without a credit card? PayPal is requiring a credit card for subscriptions and since i don't have one i literary have no change to get it.
  5. Matombo

    Block off a area for auto moving NPC's

    so i have a random moving npc but i want to block him off from blocking a entrance in ace i just did a empty event in front of the entrance and the npc wasn't walink over it in mv this dosn't work anymore ... other suggestions?
  6. Matombo

    Mat0mb0s grafic skillz

    Ok i only know how to do some small edits xD But here i start: Fog of war for example for a world map: Autotile Version: B-E Tile Version: A Puddle: These are MV RTP Edits so standart Enterbrain ToU + for my part i make it simple: Matombo (As long as you mention my name...
  7. Matombo

    Scripts in default installation

    When you install rpg maker there are allready some plugins in the newGame folder, they seem to be a selection out of the kadokawa plugins dlc, but they have different file sizes (and line numbers) so i guess they are different versions of the same script, now my quetions: which one are the...
  8. Matombo

    The unoffical Linux support thread

    Hello fellow hackers, I mean Linux users, entering the Wine test data in the AppDB on WineQH, I recognized that there is no Maintainer. RPG Maker on WineHQ->AppDB (that's not good, hackers) So i jumped in and apllied for the job: Edit: man, took some time to clean the entrys up and mark the...
  9. Matombo

    Steam only has Cover Art and Essential pack?

    i also have the non steam version so no urgend problem, i'm just curios where to get the base ressources and the scripts when you only have the steam version?
  10. Matombo

    Preloading of ressources?

    Is there a way, for example by script call, to preload ressources? Especally interesting for web games and sound effects, otherwise they are always a bit too late.
  11. Matombo

    Am i allowed to share the Data Folder of different Languages

    When you install rpg maker it takes you system language, for the editor that's no problem but also al the default database entrys are in your system language (bad if your os is german and you want to make a english game). Howerver i think that can be fixed by replacing the data folder with the...
  12. Matombo

    Base Ressource Pack lacking License information

    i could not find a terms of use file in the base ressource pack maybe it was removed because of the reuploading? also where will the removed extra content be available?
  13. Matombo

    Plattform support tested (Works on Linux!)

    Well it thows you a error in the face every time you start it with Wine but after that works like a charm! (the error however also can be fixed by installing msvcr120.dll using winetricks, thanks normegil for pointing this out) (Map Creation, Play Test and Battle was tested using the non steam...
  14. Matombo

    MV Ressources M+

    when will there be the first mv ressources in member+? would be a good time to start it for me ^^
  15. Matombo

    Status Cange at the beginning and ending of every fight

    I want a character to gein a status condition at the beginning of every fight and revoke it when the fight is finished. Is there a easy way to do it?
  16. Matombo

    Charackter with more than 1 ability group

    I have a chracter that learns abilitys out of different ability groups, but ingame only abilitys from the first group are displayed. How can i display abilitys from different groups (in one menu because the menu is also titled like the ability group)?
  17. Matombo

    Effect on Ability user

    I want a technique which not only damages the target but also inflicts status conditions on the user. How do i do this?
  18. Matombo

    Ability only when no equiped weapon

    I want some techniques that can only be used if the chrakter has no weapon equiped. But since "no weapon equiped" has no weapon category how do i do this?
  19. Matombo

    Game Charackter Hub

    Am I allowed to use XP chars generated with Game Charackter Hub in VX Ace Projects even if i don't own XP?
  20. Matombo

    Game Charackter Hub export Library items

    Is there a way to export the gch library items? because the gchli can't be opened in gimp workaround atm: make a new char, only add one item save as png but is there a faster way?

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